Organizational Strategy: Everyone's task for all levels

One of the great challenges of an organization is to be able to propagate its strategy effectively at all levels, reaching mainly people

Since its origins in 1996, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology has made some relevant contributions, such as the strategic map, the cause-effect logic and the multilevel indicator tree. In this sense, we consider that contributions that integrate different methodologies and tools can generate synergies between the levels of the organization – strategic, tactical and operational. Thus, we present our 3P’s Office (Planning, Projects and Processes).

Our 3P’s Office aims to generate synergies between the levels of the entire organization. Therefore, we look for what Michael Porter conceptualizes as Strategic Fit: the internal consistency that organizations have to align activities with strategy. In addition, our proposal seeks to comply with five key principles to align the management and operation systems with the strategic definitions cited by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, authors of the BSC methodology:

  1. Mobilize change through executive leadership;
  2. Translate the strategy into operational terms;
  3. Align the organization with the strategy;
  4. Motivate to transform the strategy into a task for everyone;
  5. Manage with the objective of converting the strategy into an ongoing process.

The 3P’s Office also seeks to establish meeting points between BSC, PMI and BPM, understanding that each adds up to the management of organizations, reaching the strategic, the tactical and the operational.

Relevant elements such as the strategic map, the process map and the matrix of prioritized projects should not be worked on separately, but seeking individual contributions and, above all, their synergies, meeting points and feedback.

In this respect, it is worth adding a complementary concept: the Business Process Architecture (APN). It should complement the interaction and the division of the transversal processes that are strongly rooted in the operation and directly connected with the strategy.

Interact Solutions supports the logic of 3P’s in a unique software solution, which generates added value by linking three modules of the Suite SA Strategic Adviser:

This connection should generate articulations between elements that are defined in the Strategy, as well as in the Organizational Projects and Processes. Citing the tactical level, we can also generate an important note for strategic analysis, which are the Cost Performance Index (IDC) and the Term Performance Indicator (IDP).

Another important point of the synergy generated by 3P’s would be the ability to be able to analyze, control and manage the operational processes, which are aligned with the macro processes, allowing the Process Map (strategic element) to show us the performance of the operation in line with the strategic definitions.

Therefore, with the 3P’s Office, we seek, both methodologically and at the functional level, that organizations can identify the benefits of working in a coherent and logical way in their organizational strategy.

Fernando Estrada
International Business Supervisor at Interact Solutions
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