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  • No, only the SA Scrum can be purchased separately; the other tools come with the Interact Suite SA acquisition package.


  • As ferramentas do SA Components tem como objetivo auxiliar no pensamento estratégico das equipes, a fim de otimizar os desdobramentos da criação de planejamentos estratégicos, planos de ações ou outras atividades que necessitam de um olhar detalhado. As ferramentas correspondem a metodologias conhecidas pelo mercado e comumente utilizadas.  Ao adquirir os módulos do Interact Suite SA, automaticamente você terá acesso às 16 ferramentas do SA Components
  • If your company has the SA Occurrence Manager, it is possible to bring occurrences registered by other departments and automatically load information, defining the person responsible for the task.

    • Organization
    •  Communication
    • Dynamism
    • Practicality
  • With SA Scrum, you can organize all activities in the tool, with date and time estimates for each of them, perform monitoring, as well as critical analysis of projects. You can also create a backlog with activities for upcoming sprints

  • Scrum is an agile management methodology that aims to structure a team’s activities by dividing tasks according to established goals within a specified time period, known as a sprint.

    In this format, the intention is to achieve a more optimized organization of tasks based on priority and urgency. After each cycle, reviews and evaluations of the activities developed during the period are conducted.

    Originally developed to manage software projects, its practices and principles have been widely adopted in various fields.

  • Images, videos, interactive content with the TV’s QR Code generator, graphics, indicators, and dashboards.

  • No, you can create multiple playlists and link various content.

  • Yes, easily with other modules within Interact Suite SA or with other platforms like YouTube

    • Interactivity
    • Communication
    • Dynamism
    • Practicality
  • The corporate TV allows the creation of playlists by channel, meaning each department in the company can have its own information displayed, and contents covering the entire organization can also be shown. Management can be done remotely, facilitating information control. Additionally, integrations with other platforms, audios, interactive content with the QR Code generator are possible.

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