Corporate Philosophy

Interact, a Brazilian software research and development company, has been operating in the Information Technology market since 1999.

Together with its units and partners, it occupies a recognized leadership position in Brazil and expanding in Latin America in the market for systems and solutions for corporate management.

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Interact Solutions

Interact Solutions is the administrative unit of the INTERACT GROUP. It is the holder of Suite SA Strategic Adviser, a set of 15 modules of governance and corporate intelligence, linked to 15 management tools and 13 solutions in technology for public and private organizations. The headquarters of the company is located in Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul.

Interact Solutions' headquarters in Lajeado (RS), Brazil
Awards for more than 20 years attest to the quality of Interact's service
Interact has a Systematization of Positions, which allows the mapping and monitoring of employees' work
The health sector is Interact's main activity. Five clients are among the best hospitals in Latin America, according to the AmericaEconomía Intelligence ranking
Suite SA Strategic Adviser has 15 modules, 15 management tools and 15 solutions in corporate intelligence

Interact in numbers

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Corporate Philosophy


Resarch innovative technologies and management methodologies to develop and deliver advanced solutions to customers, providing sustainable growth for the organization, units, partners and employees, benefiting suppliers and society


Be an international reference in technology and management solutions to promote corporate intelligence.


– Competitiveness and Sustainability

– Commitment and Quality

– Ethics and Social Responsibility

– Innovation and Entrepreneurship

– Relationship and Collaboration

– Respect and Trust

Our products

Suite SA is composed of modular applications that form Interact's main product portfolio. Together with the components and in an integrated manner, these products make up Interact' solutions.

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