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SUCCESS CASE: Unimed Governador Valadares achievesCERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2015

Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance and Quality Management. These were the three pillars of Interact’s successful partnership with Unimed Governador Valadares. Interact Belo Horizonte’s client since 2011, the project started 10 years ago with the consultation of the Unit Director, Rodrigo Meister.

Among the results, the partnership made it possible to establish strategic planning, structure the corporate governance model and constitute the Quality Management System (SQG) in line with ISO 9001:2015. At the end of last year, Unimed Governador Valadares was awarded iso recertification. In 2014, the client won the previous version, ISO 9001:2008.

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About the cooperative

With 25 years of history, Unimed Governador Valadares leads the health insurance market in the east and northeast of Minas Gerais. The field of operation includes 53 municipalities in the region, with approximately 62,000 customers. With its own hospital and laboratory, it has a team of 634 direct employees and 420 cooperative physicians.

Through 114 accredited services, Unimed has an annual average of 324,000 medical consultations and 1.8 million sequential exams and therapies. For two consecutive years, he appeared in the list Best Companies to Work, época magazine, as well as won the award The 150 best companies to work for in Brazil, exame Você SA Magazine.

Get to know the project

The partnership between Unimed Governador Valadares and the Interact Belo Horizonte Unit had three axes of action:

  • Establish Strategic Planning;
  • Structure the Corporate Governance model;
  • Constitute the ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System.

The project sought to develop the strategic structuring of the cooperative. This construction was based on a Corporate Governance model, implemented with the help of the Interact Belo Horizonte Unit. These actions were based on the Quality Management System, created with a focus on the result of meeting the needs of the cooperative member.

The project included a number of activities. Among them, social seminars (with customers, non-customers, suppliers, suppliers and partners) and internal seminars (with coordinators, managers, board, board of directors and cooperative board) were held.

These actions contributed to the design of the map structure in the SA Strategic Adviser, for the purpose of monitoring. In addition, deadlines were created for continuous improvement (annually) and critical analysis of senior management (every six months).

Purchased solution and integrated modules

Interact’s Quality Management and Service Management solutions were implemented, with the addition of specific modules, according to the customer’s needs.

Access, control and integration

The project allowed the best access to information from Unimed Governador Valadares. In an integrated way, it ensured the control of processes and assertive decision-making in all cooperative management processes. These benefits reflected more controlled changes and improved access to process controls. The project included two years of structuring with the SA Strategic Adviser. The partnership with the Unit has lasted 10 years, at the beginning without the automation of the system.

ISO 9001:2015 Recertification

In December 2017, the QMS enabled the recertification with ISO 9001:2015. In 2014, Unimed Governador Valadares won the previous version, ISO 9001:2008. A year earlier, he received the gold seal in the Corporate Governance Award. The project also aims to conquer ONA this year and meet Normative Resolution 277/2011 of the National Agency for Supplementary Health (ANS) in 2019.

Quality Management: 5 key questions about ISO 9001:2015


“The SA Strategic Adviser system is a practical and dynamic tool that enables total control of processes, in an integrated and robust way, generating confidence and assertiveness in all activities. In recent times, we have been working to integrate indicators in the Format of DataIntegrator (via the database of systems), enabling to decrease human interactions in data manipulation and all auditors of ISO, ONA and NR 277/2011 of the ANS were very impressed how the system collaborates in access to information and in the development of strategic activities.”

Danilo dos Santos Matos
Corporate Governance, Quality and Strategic Planning Manager
Unimed Intrafederativa Leste Nordeste de Minas Gerais
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