Limatambo Clinic paves the future of healthcare with Interact software


Advancing in the modernization and optimization of its medical care, Limatambo Clinic Cajamarca has formalized the adoption of Interact systems. We are pleased to announce the incorporation of Limatambo Clinic Cajamarca as our new distinguished client.

In this new stage, Limatambo Clinic Cajamarca has decided to implement the Interact Suite SA, focusing on the SA Process Manager and SA Document Manager modules. These modules are directly aligned with Limatambo Clinic Cajamarca’s goal of optimizing and automating the management of its internal processes, enabling greater efficiency and control in the provision of medical care.

The SA Process Manager module will provide tools to map, model, document, and automate processes within the organization. With the possibility of simulation and real-time monitoring of their processes, this module will allow for controlled, precise, and effective management.

On the other hand, the SA Document Manager module will facilitate document management, enabling document creation, version control, distribution, and a centralized document repository. This will ensure that medical documentation is kept more organized and accessible when needed.

A fundamental initial stage in the implementation project will be the execution of the #BPM #WEEK program. Its goal is to share and standardize knowledge about BPM methodology within the organization, addressing theoretical topics about Process Management, value chain, process mapping, architecture, and BPMN notation. Later on, the program will focus on practical activities on the platform, including modeling, evaluation, identifying improvements, and process automation. These activities will provide Limatambo Clinic Cajamarca with a solid foundation to continue working on Process Management.

Learn more about Limatambo Clinic Cajamarca here.

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