Interact collaborators promote study group on BPM CBOK

Participants of the BPM CBOK study group received a gift from Interact as a token of appreciation

“Knowledge sets free”. With this message, the meetings of the Interact study group on version 4 of the BPM CBOK ended yesterday (15), the Business Process Management Guide, organized by ABPMP, a professional association dedicated to the field of Business Process Management (BPM). The main objective was to horizontalize knowledge about process management among company employees.

In total, there were 18 meetings this semester through the Suite SA meeting application, the SA Teleconference. The study group had 25 participants from eight areas of the company – Product Analysis, Communication and Marketing, Product Development, Human Development, Customer Projects, Product Quality, National and International Business. As a way of acknowledging the search for knowledge, Interact presented the employees, who posed for a photo in front of the company.

Collaborators Tiago Polo, Fabiana Brugmann and Davi Kerpen were the winners of a quiz about BPM, carried out in the study group

Interact develops the Suite SA, a software suite for corporative governance. Among its solutions, the system offers complete management of the entire BPM Lifecycle, from strategy to end-to-end process automation. Today, 45 customers of the company in Brazil and abroad use the Process Management solution. Among them, the largest public IT company in the world, the Brazilian Serpro, the Colombian construction company Jaramillo Mora, the Bolivian construction company La Fuente and the Chinese mining company Chinalco.

Support for the process ecosystem

Interact supports, encourages and promotes the debate on process management. In October, professionals from 16 countries gathered at the BPM Summit, an international congress on Process Management, promoted by Interact, in partnership with the ABPMPs of Peru and Spain. Over the course of two weeks, applicants were able to follow the main trends and best practices, with international lectures and workshops.

In November, it was the turn of the BPM Day Porto Alegre, organized by the Rio Grande do Sul chapter of ABPMP, which was sponsored by Interact. Considered by ABPMP Brasil as the largest edition in the country, the event had 7 renowned speakers, more than 900 subscribers and a simultaneous audience of 300 professionals and BPM enthusiasts.

Process robotization

Later this year, Interact partnered with Rocketbot, a top 2 company in the Gartner Quadrant in RPA, Robotic Process Automation. The company has enabled the transformation of processes for companies such as Allianz, Liberty, Zurich, Volvo, Santander and BBVA. The company has a 5-star rating from its customers, with business in 17 countries and over 15,000 robots in production. Rocketbot’s RPA platform works in integration with Suite SA as an option beyond process automation.

Interact’s business partner, Rocketbot appeared this month as sponsor of the match between Real Sociedad and Real Madrid, for La Liga

BPM Week

Since 2018, Interact has been promoting BPM Week, a conceptual and practical immersion in the universe of process management. Initially aimed at the internal audience, as a form of training, over time the course broke boundaries. In addition to customers, such as La Fuente, in Bolivia, enthusiasts from various countries participated in the online version, the BPM Week Masterclass.

This year, the event brought together 62 professionals from 12 countries to exchange knowledge, such as the presentation of strategy, architecture, modeling and process automation models, digital transformation and implementation of the BPM model. The initiatives are from the company’s international unit in Latin America, Interact Latam.

In Brazil, BPM Week is conducted by the Customer Projects team. As part of the company’s effort to horizontalize knowledge about process management, the area promoted an internal version of the immersion, with the participation of employees from the Customer Projects, Customer Support, Project Development, Customer Success and Product Analysis sectors. Yesterday afternoon (15), participants were also presented with a gift from Interact.

BPM Week participants from the Customer Projects area received a souvenir for the initiative

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