Interact performs training in São Vicente de Paulo Hospital

Between 6th and 10th January, the customer São Vicente de Paulo Hospital (HSVP) received a training in the Suite SA Strategic Adviser at its head office, in Passo Fundo-RS. About 200 people were trained, including managers, managers, directors and teams of the two hospital units.

The activity was led by the HSVP Patient Safety, Quality and Risk Center. The training was taught by Interact Bridges Project Consultant Ignácio D’Ándrea. The Modules SA Governance Manager, SA Document Manager, SA Occurrence Manager, SA Risk Manager and the usability of Suite SA were the themes of the meetings.

Founded in 1918 by Vincentian Catholics, the São Vicente de Paulo Hospital Association is a non-profit organization that was born with the aim of welcoming patients from the Spanish Flu, which has killed thousands of people worldwide. Currently, it is considered the largest hospital institution in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul.

Ignácio gives training on the Suite SA in the HSVP
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