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Belo Horizonte Interact implements Suite SA at Unimed Gerais de Minas

Team gathered for the new moment of Unimed Gerais de Minas: Iago Moura, Nayara Oliveira, Andrezza Oliveira, Izabella Martins.

The search for an increasingly integrated management led Unimed Gerais de Minas to adopt Suite SA as its new corporate governance system. Located in Curvelo, Minas Gerais, the health operator contracted the LGPD Solution and nine of the sixteen modules of the software developed by Interact. The client of Interact’s Belo Horizonte unit started implementation in February of this year.

According to the BH Project Consultant, Izabella Martins, the SA Governance Manager, SA Occurrence Manager and SA Competence Manager modules have been implemented so far. “In this new stage, we are in the implementation phase of SA Document Manager. The quality team is committed to, as soon as possible, migrating from the other systems that the company had for Suite SA ”, she says.


On April 8 and 9, the first training sessions on SA Governance Manager and SA Occurrence Manager began. For Izabella, this was an important moment for all Unimed Gerais de Minas employees. “It was great to see the teams motivated and everyone participating a lot. We will soon be training the SA Competence Manager, which is already implemented ”, he shares.

Throughout this process of systems migration and implementation of Suite SA, the Project Consultant at Interact BH noted that several managers have already seen the opportunity to improve their processes. “Either by eliminating paper forms for SA Occurrence Manager electronics, using the commitments in the system and / or sending messages through the tool itself”, he celebrates.

As Izabella, as soon as the training started, the quality team of Unimed Gerais de Minas set up a staff in the area of ​​coexistence of employees. “The milestone was made in commemoration of the beginning of the work of what was called” Era Interact “in the cooperative”, he reveals.

Contracted products:

– SA Governance Manager

– SA Occurrence Manager

– SA Competence Manager

– SA Document Manager

– SA Risk Manager

– SA Audit Manager

– SA Service Manager

– SA Process Manager

– SA Budget Manager

– Solução LGPD – Brazilian General Data Protection Law

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