Interact evolves system for corporate governance 4.0

The second half of the year will start with something new at Interact Solutions, a software development company from Lajeado. With the objective of improving the governance system and implementing 4.0 management in companies, the SA Governance Manager was launched, a new module of the SA Suite, which guarantees excellence in corporate governance.

SA Governance Manager is the evolution of the old SA Performance Manager module. One of the great advantages of the system is to allow a 360º view of organizations, with an integrated view of corporate results, through a strategic map and key performance indicators.

In addition, the Interact system adapts to the main management methodologies in the market, such as BSC (Balanced Scorecard), GDP – Management by Directives and OKR – Objectives and Key Results.

Digital transformation of corporate governance

Interact’s corporate governance software suite, Suite SA, was a pioneer in the market in many aspects, especially with regard to the use of methodologies. Its scope, quality and transparency won over customers from Brazil and abroad, present in 7 Latin American countries.

The previous version of the module was a pioneer in the market, in 1999. The company from Rio Grande do Sul became one of the first to create a system for management and strategic planning in Brazil. In particular, software to meet the BSC management methodology, developed in the 1990s at Harvard by Robert Kaplan and David Norton.

With the evolution to SA Governance Manager, Interact promises to deliver to the market a complete digital transformation of corporate governance. With the system, the company’s customers will guarantee an integrated management, with planning, monitoring and transparency.

The module has integration with business intelligence solutions, project management, process management, risk management, among others. Among its benefits and features, the following stand out:

  • Management of strategies, based on the main management methodologies
  • Operational management of companies
  • Strategic map and interactive dashboards
  • Management of key performance indicators
  • 16 tools for management analysis

Corporate Governance 4.0

As its name suggests, Interact enters a market that is also evolving with this launch. “Increasingly, companies are concerned with ensuring good corporate governance, in addition to seeking to apply more sustainable practices and contribute to social causes. Suite SA is our contribution to this future”, explains Lucas Bellin, Product Manager at Interact.

In the data age, companies ensure evidence-based decision making. This movement requires a paradigm shift, starting from the relationship with the consumer and going to the architecture of business processes. Therefore, having software that allows a 360º view has become fundamental to the routine of companies. And these numbers are reflected in Interact’s customers.

According to the latest satisfaction survey, 89.2% of the company’s customers said they were satisfied with the company. The survey obtained responses from customers in Brazil and abroad. Of these, 3 out of 4 said they use the SA Suite every day. The Interact system also integrates the workweek of 89.5% of users. “These data show that we have a software suite for continuous use, practically indispensable for customers”, completes Lucas.

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