Interact makes its presence felt at events and fairs during the month of October

October | 2023

The month of October was marked by the participation of the Interact Group in fairs and events related to health, innovation, quality management, among others.

On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of October, the Health Meeting Business and Innovation, an international fair for health, medical, hospital, and laboratory products and equipment, took place. PUCRS hosted the event, which featured lectures and booths, including Interact’s, and the participation of the Interact Excelence unit.

On the 6th, with the aim of presenting a successful case and prospecting new clients, a team participated in the PMIRS Summit 2023 – From Connection to Culture. The event also featured the participation of instructors like Ricardo Vargas, a project management specialist, and Débora Brum, an expert in assertive communication.

To stay updated on industrial segment innovations, between the 17th and 20th, the company also attended Mercopar – Industrial Innovation Fair in Caxias do Sul. The fair aims to foster new realities and new business opportunities through lectures, booths, and idea exchange.

Between the 18th, 19th, and 20th, it was Interact RS’s turn to make its presence known with a booth for prospecting new clients at Consaúde, the Congress of Holy Houses and Non-Profit Hospitals of Rio Grande do Sul, in Bento Gonçalves.

And, finally, on the 20th, the director of Unidade Interact Prime, Bárbara Cristina Kraemer Rodrigues, attended the Participatory Projects Competition organized by AGQ Soluções Integradas, the Gaúcha Association for Quality, with a space for customer and prospect engagement.

For Jamine Dorneles, Business Coordinator at Interact, Interact’s participation in fairs and events represented strategic actions of utmost importance in various aspects. She shares her perspectives on this experience, stating that:

“Interact’s participation in the fairs and events that took place in recent months was strategic and of extreme importance for several reasons.
During these events, it was possible to engage in extensive networking, as we were able to have valuable interactions with clients, business partners, and prospects.
Participating in fairs and events also helped increase the brand’s visibility and, consequently, receive feedback from our clients and acquire new business opportunities.
We also had the opportunity to participate in lectures, workshops, and panels with experts from various sectors of Interact’s operation, providing the opportunity to learn about trends, best practices, and innovations in our clients’ areas of operation.
Actions like these strengthen our relationships with the network surrounding us, as we demonstrate to them the importance and value of our partnerships.”

These actions are part of Interact’s strategic planning, always aligned with our mission, vision, and values, enabling the pursuit of new market technologies and the expansion of the Interact Suite SA brand and solutions.

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