Interact Montes Claros becomes Interact Vision

As of today, the 13th, Interact Montes Claros, located in the city of Montes Claros in Minas Gerais, is now called Interact Vision. The Business Unit is part of Interact Solutions, a leading company in research and development of management solutions.

The change reflects the new identity and strategies adopted by the unit, emphasizing the importance and focus on providing high-quality solutions to clients. Additionally, it underscores the unit’s strategic focus on the interaction between the offered solutions and the specific needs of businesses.

“The rebranding of Interact Unidade de Montes Claros, now Interact Vision, is an integral part of the strategic restructuring project. This project is based on two far-reaching objectives for the coming years. The first is to expand our presence, moving from a regionalized approach to a national presence without geographical borders. Simultaneously, as part of our strategic planning, we are expanding our activities to other sectors beyond the health sector, which has traditionally been our main focus. We are exploring related areas such as education, services, and agribusiness, where Interact has the potential to add significant value to management and governance practices.

These two objectives represent the pillars of our strategy. By achieving them, we will be expanding our presence, consequently generating value for companies in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors. The strategic solutions of SA – Strategic Adviser are nationally and internationally recognized as market leaders, and this evolution will further strengthen our position.”

Claudio Medeiros Santo – Director, Interact Vision

The English name was chosen due to the company’s vision of expansion and internationalization, standardizing all business units and indicating Interact’s positioning in the global market, enabling new international opportunities.

Interact Vision, formerly known as Interact Montes Claros, remains committed to its path of innovation and evolution, always focused on helping companies achieve high levels of productivity.

About Interact Vision

Interact Vision is a franchise of Interact Solutions, a leading Brazilian software company in research and development of management solutions. It offers high-quality management solutions for companies in Brazil and worldwide, empowering them to evolve and thrive in the ever-changing corporate environment.

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