Mapa invests in the improvement of strategic and project management with Interact

Source: Agência Senado

In order to improve the efficiency of policies and services offered to the population, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), through the Strategic Management Advisory, held courses, events and other actions related to Strategic Management and Management of Projects on the Map during 2021. The initiatives are aligned with the Strategic Plan 2020-2031.

One of these actions was the course “Getting to know MGP-Map: how to make your work easier using Project Management”, which addresses the types of projects that exist in the Ministry and how to use Interact’s Suite SA, in line with the Map’s Project Management Method . The course had two groups, with the approval of 72 servers, conducted by the company’s Customer Projects team. Participants assessed the course as enlightening and an opportunity that allows servers to broaden their vision of the institution’s own management.

Suite SA is used to improve the management and quality of data and information generated by the areas comprising the Map. With the completion of training, access to the software increased 463.5% compared to 2020. New classes will open in 2022.

To improve knowledge about the use of the software, remote training was carried out on approximately 500 servers for the use of SA. The Strategic Management Advisory also provided videos on training courses and content adapted to the Map projects.

Through the “multipliers” module, 28 servers were trained and will be the vectors for disseminating this knowledge in their areas, supporting the correct use of the software. During 2021, the Software Usage Management Committee SA – CGUS-SA updated the Project Management reports to facilitate the day-to-day activities of Project Managers and automated documents in the software, such as Project Opening Term – TAP and the Project Monitoring Report. It is expected that all forms used in MGP-Map are automated in SA.

Project Management Offices

Another important action was the implementation of the Project Management Offices – EGPs in the Administrative Units – UAs, which began in 2021. The objective is to create support points for the Map’s Project Management, qualifying servers to implement local offices that support the AU project managers in the use of methods, techniques and tools, in addition to providing the AU senior management with information about the projects in progress, supporting the decision-making process of these managers.

Using as a reference the already existing project office at the Secretariat for Agricultural Defense (SDA) and the methods developed by AGE, the Secretariat for Aquaculture and Fisheries (SAP) was a pioneer in this initiative and has already started the implementation of its own project office.

Map Indicator Panel

From the first cycle of monitoring the Performance Indicators of the Strategic Plan 2020-2031 and, also, as a result of adjustments to indicators in the review process of the Multiannual Plan 2020-2023, the Map’s Indicator Panel was updated, consolidated and published in the Portal of the Map, in the section of the Strategic Plan 2020-2031.

Also in this section, the Monitoring Report of the Strategic Plan 2020-2031 for the year 2020 was made available, with the analysis of the performance of the Strategic Objectives of the Map in the first year of the Plan’s effectiveness.

Seeking to improve Strategic and Project Management, benchmarking actions were carried out with the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), in which the Map received positive feedback both for the implementation of an increasingly strong management culture , as for the collective construction of the methods and instruments used.

“The Map ends up being a model for the Esplanade”, emphasizes Cida Chagas, assistant of the Management and Governance Coordination of the MRE.

In addition, AGE participated in the “LFDA Connections” (events carried out by the Federal Agricultural Defense Laboratories) in which it dealt with the topic “how to transform ideas into projects” and how areas can benefit from Project Management to deliver relevant results for the society. This year, the Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Project Management Institute – PMI of the Federal District was also initiated.

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