Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil reaches 85 results in the semester with the support of Interact's software

Photo: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil

The Portfolio of Strategic Corporate Projects (PECs Portfolio) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) of Brazil generated more than 85 results from January to June 2020. This semester was the first that the client started to rely on the system for governance of Interact. The implementation of the SA Project Manager and SA Governance Manager modules, from Suite SA Strategic Adviser, was carried out between July and November 2019 by the collaborator Sabrine Datsch, the project manager. The client bellows to the Interact Excellence Unit, won through a bidding process.

The 2019-2022 PECs Portfolio is a set of 16 initiatives defined and planned by the current management of the Mapa, in order to respond to the main challenges of the sector in Brazil. The document was prepared with the active participation of all the administrative units of the Ministry and its related organizations. At Suite SA, a personalized panel was prepared to monitor the deadlines and budgets of the 16 strategic initiatives for Minister Tereza Cristina.

The Strategic Management Advisory Office of the Minister’s Office, through its Project Office Coordination, is responsible for monitoring and measure the results of the PECs. “The Mapa is improving its management even more, especially with regard to project management. These results reflect this improvement in practice”, evaluates the general coordinator of the Strategic Management Advisory (AGE/GM), Paulo Sérgio Fresneda.

Since May, all Mapa servers and affiliates have had remote access to Interact project management software. The SA Project Manager module is used as a tool for the application of the Project Management Method, Programs and Portfolios of the Mapa (MGP-Mapa 3.0). The release was sent by the AGE/GM, through its Project Office Coordination.

Divulgation of SA

The Mapa team created several materials and videos for the dissemination and promotion of the organization’s project management structure. All of them are available on the AGE/GM page, on the official portal of the Mapa. Among the Ministry’s work axes, there is an exclusive page on SA Strategic Adviser, Interact’s software for corporate governance.

Suite SA Strategic Adviser from Interact gained space for dissemination on the Ministry of Agriculture’s Strategic Management Advisory page

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