New version of Interact software launches solution for data protection laws

Product Development Area, at Interact Solutions

Last week Interact released the 7.0.26 release of Suite SA Strategic Adviser, software that offers solutions for management and corporate intelligence. The update included a work of 5,238 hours in the Products and Development area, with 261 improvements and implementations in the system. In relation to the previous edition, which had already grown 18.6%, it represents an 8.1% greater effort.

In the view of Interact’s Product Manager, Lucas Bellin, the new release had the evolution of Suite SA as a whole as its main objective. “In general, the teams’ efforts were directed to improve all software, fully meeting both the strategic and operational levels of our customers,” he explains.

In quantitative terms, the most prominent module was SA Process Manager, for process management. In all, it received 45 improvements and implementations in the new release. Following are SA Governance Manager (32), SA Document Manager (27), SA Project Manager (27) and SA Occurrence Manager (23).

This was the 26th update of version 7.0, worked on since 2014 by Interact. From now on, the company’s focus will be to release version 8.0 of Suite SA. The launch is scheduled for December 25 this year. Among the novelties, it is expected to update the technological basis of the software, to improve usability and to revitalize the system design.

Data protection management

The main highlight of release 7.0.26 is the launch for all customers of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) Management solution, located in the Integrated Solutions menu. Through five modules of Suite SA, it meets all the principles of the new Brazilian legislation, such as the guarantee of control, protection and treatment of personal data obtained by the organization.

The construction, management and automatic generation of the Personal Data Protection Impact Report (RIPD) are other highlights of the Interact solution. Charged by the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), this document can be worked with information from the entire organization, as well as by organizational unit.

Effective this semester, the new legislation applies to all companies operating in Brazil. Among the sanctions for non-compliance, there are warnings and even fines, which can reach 2% of revenues, with a limit of up to R $ 50 million. Inspection is the responsibility of the ANPD, with technical autonomy guaranteed by Law 13.709 / 2018.

For those interested, the LGPD Management solution will have an additional value in maintenance and will be released through a license. Customers should contact the business advisor responsible for the account for more information.

Suite SA in three languages

Suite SA Strategic Adviser is now available in the English version. The translation started in June, with an exclusively dedicated team, from the Quality and Product Maintenance area. English is the third language of Interact software.

In addition to Portuguese, Suite SA has also had a Spanish version since 2011. In the same year, the first international customer was won, in Trujillo, Peru. The company is currently present in 9 countries in Latin America, with 12 international distributors and more than 1080 installed bases.

Product Quality Area, responsible for the translation of Suite SA Strategic Adviser

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