Kickoff meeting marks the beginning of the project with Seguradora Yacyreta

October | 2023

In a joint effort with Interact Latam’s strategic partner, InQuality Paraguay, the kickoff meeting for the implementation project of the SA Suite, specifically the SA Governance Manager module at Aseguradora Yacyreta, took place in Asunción, Paraguay, on Thursday, October 19th. The central objective of the project is to enable the insurer to manage its strategic planning in a digital and automated manner, marking a milestone in the pursuit of efficiency and digital transformation in the insurance sector.

As the next step, as mentioned by the consultants responsible for the In-Quality project, interviews will be conducted with more than 10 management teams within the insurance company. These teams include Commercial Management, General Management, Administrative, Financial, and Accounting Management, Technical Management, Information and Communication Technology Management, and Quality and Process Management, among others. Subsequently, initial configurations within the system will be carried out, establishing the entire organizational structure and strategic planning at both strategic and operational levels.

Following the completion of these activities, a series of training sessions will be conducted to familiarize the team with over 15 analysis tools that come with the system. These tools include the indicator diagram panel, indicator radar, strategic results monitoring, strategic map analysis, among others. Additionally, training will be provided for creating management dashboards, executive presentations, and a series of training sessions at operational and technical levels. It is essential to note that the project will be developed using the Scrum framework, ensuring agile and efficient management.

The project will not only focus on the implementation of the SA Suite but also on key management aspects. Risks will be identified, and effective mitigation measures will be proposed. A management model based on a 3P’s framework (planning, projects, and processes) will be built. Furthermore, multi-level control panels and change management structures will be established. Special emphasis will be placed on creating dashboards and control panels for indicator management, and the concept of periodic critical analysis will be applied to maintain continuous improvement.

The partnership between Interact Latam and In-Quality in this new project promises to drive Seguradora Yacyreta towards more efficient and modern strategic management, setting a new standard in the insurance sector.

About Aseguradora Yacyreta

In the Guarani language, the word YACYRETÁ means “place where the moon shines.” The company is dedicated to providing reliable and effective insurance policies to its customers, with a focus on personalized service. In 2019, it acquired Grupo General de Seguros, consolidating its leadership in the national market. Its vision is to grow alongside its customers, offering high-quality protection.

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