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Semae adopts remote management in the pandemic with Interact system

“As if we were working within the Semae facility.” This is how he describes the remote work with the Strategic Advisor of Suite SA Alexsandro da Silveira Brito, Manager of Integrated Systems of the Municipal Service of Water and Sewerage (Semae), municipal authority of São Leopoldo, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre.

As an Interact client since 2005, Semae uses SA Governance Manager, the Suite SA module to systematize the strategic and operational planning of companies. During the current coronavirus crisis, the autarky began to hold meetings of the Critical Analysis Committee in the central office. To this end, new licenses were requested so that more computers can have simultaneous access.

With remote web access, SA Governance Manager has helped teams monitor strategic results, as well as carry out action plans and critical performance analysis. According to Alexsandro, the migration from the desktop version to the web version of the module is one of the main differentials observed in the improvements promoted by Semae in the current strategic planning cycle.

“It is a 100% web tool that allows us to work from anywhere. I would say that, from the point of view of using this tool for home office work, it is complete at that time, with data feeding, generation of indicator charts, monitoring of results and action plans, and critical analysis. The novelty of this period was due to the fact that the RAC (Critical Analysis Meeting) was held remotely, where everyone could access the SA, due to the increase in the number of licenses ”, he explains.

Home office in the public service

According to Semae’s Integrated Systems Manager, the home office is still viewed with prejudice in society, especially in the public service. For him, laws and regulations are needed for it to be safely implemented. “However, it is already a reality in several private sector companies. So, at that moment, knowing that we have the possibility in SA to continue with our activities, regardless of the location that is being accessed, is of utmost importance, ”he comments.

Water supply and sanitary wastewater treatment are considered essential services in society. In this sense, Alexsandro reinforces that Semae has not stopped its activities, and that the data from the areas is sent to the SA for the production of analyzes. According to him, the current moment sends an alert to the financial, hydraulic maintenance and operation of the water and sewerage systems. “Continuing to analyze the indicators in these areas and the effects caused by the pandemic, although the execution of some actions may be affected, makes us feel a little comfortable in the sense that we are not ‘walking in the dark’ or towards’ the abyss without us, we can manage it”, he adds.

About Semae

The Municipal Water and Sewerage Service (Semae, in portuguese) is a municipal authority in São Leopoldo, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. It is the ninth largest city in Rio Grande do Sul, with an estimated population of 237 thousand inhabitants, according to 2019 IBGE data. In the economy, it is ranked as the 13th highest GDP in the State.

Semae is an entity with financial, economic and administrative autonomy, created in 1971 with the extinction of the old Sanitation Directorate. Currently, it has the capacity to capture up to 1,500 liters of raw water per second in the Sinos River, with two water treatment plants, 37 reservoirs and 25 treated water pumping stations, strategically located throughout the city.

Semae’s water distribution network is approximately 765 thousand linear meters long. São Leopoldo also has five flood containment pumping stations, five wastewater treatment stations and 19 wastewater pumping stations with a network of approximately 125 thousand linear meters.

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