Suite SA 8: Interact launches 8th version of its corporate governance software

Known as one of the most complete software for corporate governance in the market, Suite SA inaugurates today, April 26, its eighth version. The launch brings a new era to Interact’s history when it comes to technology for high performance management. For almost 22 years in the market, the company improves the software with two major differentials: integrated corporate solutions and strong data security.

According to Lucas Bellin, Product Manager at Interact, the new version comes even more robust and complete to its users. “Suite SA’s evolution has been constant since its inception, bringing several updates, with hundreds of improvements every year. Now in version eight, one of the main focuses has been on improving usability, increasing data security and a renewed interface ”, he highlights.

Aligned units

Interact units spread across Brazil and Latin America participated in a pre-launch of the new version of the software last Friday, the 23rd. The moment was marked by a webinar, which presented the various updates and news from Suite SA. From 9 am, Interact partners had the opportunity to learn more about the new version of the tools, with the purpose of further refining customer service.Suite SA 8: Interact lança oitava versão de seu software de governança corporativa

Right after the online event, which was presented by several Interact professionals, the units and partners participated in a virtual café. The moment was designed for a chat and to answer possible questions with Interact’s Product Manager, Lucas Bellin and the Product Quality and Maintenance Supervisor, Fernanda Finkler.

We invested more than 7 thousand hours of work in this new version, which includes not only the best usability of the tool, but also the updating of technologies on which all the software is based”, explains Fernanda. As of this Monday, the Customer Support team starts programming the offer and updating the customer bases. “I hope you meet the new generation of Suite SA and update,” says Bellin.

Suite SA: high performance governance

Based on several management methodologies, Suite SA was developed by Interact to increase the effectiveness of corporate governance by enabling better organization and treatment of data. According to Bellin, the needs of companies change all the time and, therefore, the software used must also undergo continuous changes. “With this proposal, we are constantly listening to users to meet their needs as completely as possible. To this end, we launch periodic updates and improvements ”, he adds.

The use of good management software can yield results that are clearly visible. As a 2016 study by Aberdeen Research has already mapped: just by improving a company’s process management, it is possible to reduce up to 18% of operating costs, 16% of administrative expenses and increase employee productivity by up to 73%.

In this sense, the meaning of the acquisition of the solutions developed by Interact goes beyond its various benefits. Having Suite SA in corporate management means increasing equity value, reducing operating expenses and multiplying the productivity of business processes. “The eighth version of Suite SA comes with this purpose: integrated, assertive management and on a single platform. Now with even more security, design and speed for results governance ”, says Bellin.

Check out an interview with Lucas Bellin:


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