Suite SA has new features to improve your business management

To finish January with a flourish, Interact released the 8.0.2 edition of Suite SA. The new version of the software comes to make user involvement a more delightful and authentic experience. Started in August 2021, the update provides around 465 implementations, including improvements of existing products.

The highlight of the 8.0.2 edition is on SA Competence Manager, software designed to manage collaborators competencies, which received some interesting changes. Among the novelties, the module can now show improvement points, the results obtained during the employee’s journey and the conclusion of the goals defined in the Individual Development Plan. 

New version has Ninebox analysis enhancements.

In this release of Suite SA, the Integrated Assessment Cycle allows you to visualize the employee’s competencies and main objectives in one place. You are able to choose an individual, team or departament view, which makes it even easier to analyze the flow of the company. 

The best thing is that now, with the new Partial Measurement Analysis tool, managers can track the progress of each task and the partial results of employees or positions. In addition, enhancements to Ninebox analyzes were launched to cross-reference skills and qualifications results.

Discover the other features of the 8.0.2 release

Adapt your audit assessments

Applying audits just got easier in SA Audit Manager. It is now possible to create and configure scales, as needed for each assessment.

The new feature allows the user to select two modes, namely:

  • Classification: refers to the current functioning of the audit, in which an item is evaluated and has its maximum score decreased as the findings are added.
  • Scale: it will be possible to define a scale according to the user’s need. Therefore, the item will be scored based solely on the appraisal value it receives.

e-CPF and e-CNPJ do not require manual collection of signatures

Digital signature:

SA Document Manager received two new digital signature options. Through the e-CPF and e-CNPJ, it is possible to dispense with the manual collection of signatures and avoid the accumulation of fiscal copies. In addition, the novelties will provide greater security for document management.

Project Management

With the “Manager” application, in the SA Project Manager, is now possible to allocate several tasks to the same resource simultaneously, which optimizes the project configuration. In addition, you can have a graphical view of the tasks, with information about the duration of the task and the period in which the resource will be allocated.

Risk Analysis

Audits play a fundamental role in verifying compliance with proposals and requirements. To add value to this analysis process, an assessment tool was incorporated into the SA Risk Manager module, which compares results between different assessments.

Having access to estimates and results times, it is possible to monitor the performance of the company’s areas in the exercise of risk control and prevention.

And to assist in this monitoring, the possibilities for classifying risks in the “alert” function were also remodeled, in order to offer new options for treatment, which aim to meet specific standards and methodologies in risk management.

Finally, it is now possible to modify the labels or names after handling risks.

Indicator management

In SA Governance Manager, when changing the indicator type to the “standard”, “KPI”, or “Monitoring” model, the system will ask if the change should be applied only to current and future period data or to all existing records.

The new version allows even greater autonomy to the user to configure the data visualization, according to their needs. In the “Combination Diagram”, for example, it is possible to choose between two types of “Mode Setting” when it is set to “Comparison”. One that will be applied to the “Central Diagram” and another that will be applied to the History and Consolidated bars.

Practicality to processes

We added BPMN standards to the main menu and redirected the zoom definition to the vertical menu, which will also have the option of “Location of elements” and “Shortcuts”.

We have improved the signaling of connection permissions, added new possibilities to the activity log and introduced the use of the right mouse button as a practical shortcut to define the alignment of elements.

Greater control and organization os profiles

The SA Suite allows each user of the platform to have different levels of permission and access, defined in the “Collaborators” application of SA System Manager. In release 8.0.2 we brought some facilities to control these entries.

It is now possible to consult and change the details of each access in the “Permissions” function, or when granting some permission to the user. And to facilitate registrations, the “allow” function was implemented for multiple users at the same time.

Multilingual Suite SA

In this version, you can choose between three languages to work on the platform, namely Portuguese (BR), Spanish and English. Just go to your profile and select your prefered language.

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