Our integrity program

Interact is committed to cultivating ethical, legal and integrity standards in its business. This commitment to corporate responsibility seeks to build trusting relationships with customers, partners, distribution channels, employees, suppliers, and the entire relationship network, including the Interact Group. The Interact Compliance Program is inspired by the nine pillars proposed by LEC Legal, Ethics & Compliance, the largest community dedicated to spreading the compliance culture in the world.

With our Data Protection Program, Interact also covers the principles, rights and duties demanded by the General Law of Protection of Personal Data (LGPD - Law 13.709 / 2018) of Brazil. Periodically, Interact carries out activities to adapt to the security and data protection culture, with awareness and seeking to improve internal processes. For that, the 10 principles for data processing imposed by the LGPD are followed, as well as complying with all legal bases that contemplate the Interact Group.

Pillar 1

Project and Top Management Alignment

The Interact Compliance Program stems from a commitment by the management of the Interact Group. The directors not only know the integrity activities, but also advise and participate in the risk management inherent to the institution's business.

Pillar 2

Risk Assessment

The Interact Compliance Program is central to the Interact Group's control and risk management structure. It is part of the SGI - Interact Management System, which also has instruments such as the 5S Program based on five senses to improve the work environment: self-discipline, well-being, cleanliness, organization and use.

Since 2006, the Interact Group has also participated in the process of implementing the Management Assessment System (SAG) of the Gaucho Quality and Productivity Program (PGQP), receiving external evaluations. In 2013, he won the Bronze Trophy of the RS Quality Award, known as the Oscar for Quality.

Pillar 3

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Interact Group has a Code of Ethics and Conduct, based on the company's values and principles. The purpose of the document is to provide guidance on the main objectives, internal processes, business philosophy, corporate and individual rights, duties and benefits. Therefore, it is the instrument that guides the standards of ethical conduct in the activities of the Interact Group

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Pillar 4

Internal controls

Based on the risk assessment, the Interact Group manages and implements control measures to mitigate Compliance risks and strengthen Interact Management System processes. These activities permeate all areas of the company, inserted in the context of monitoring institutional policies and processes.

Interact Information Security Policy
Pillar 5

Training and Communication

The Interact Compliance Program adopts routine training with employees, for educational, preventive and corrective purposes. Other company communication channels also address the company's integrity guidelines, such as Corporative TV, internal and external newsletters, the blog and the Interact Group website itself.

Pillar 6

Reporting Channels

Interact structured its Compliance Program to directly contribute to ensuring that the hiring processes, delivery of products and services and relationship with customers, suppliers and other institutions are carried out transparently based on good governance and ethics practices.

The Reporting Channels are of fundamental importance in the Program, as they offer a secure and confidential way of communicating suspicious or unethical behaviour. Interact also adopts a policy of non-retaliation should the reporting person choose to identify himself.

Objectively, the interested party may file a complaint in case of suspected violation of any of the established precepts. Among other information, it may contain (1) an account of what happened; (2) the name of those involved or the area of activity, whether or not part of Interact; (3) a fact period and (4) if it is a prevention report, report when the violation may occur.

The Interact Compliance Program has the following reporting channels:

a)The reporting channel is part of the Interact Suite SA' structure. The message is directed to the Interact Compliance Officer. Tracking the IP of the machine where the message originated is strictly prohibited to ensure the confidentiality of the complaint and the anonymity of the complainant;

b) The e-mail compliance@interact.com.br is managed by the Interact Compliance Officer, Arlete Wasem. As with the previous reporting channel, any interested person, Interact or not, can report irregularities that is aware of;

c) Direct contact with the Compliance Officer or any member of Interact Solutions, in person, via e-mail or telephone contact, ensuring the confidentiality of your identity.

The Interact Data Protection Program has the following reporting channels:

a) In the same way as the Compliance Reporting Channel, the Data Protection reporting channel is part of the SA Strategic Adviser structure, selecting the option geared to Data Protection so that all information to be dealt with as a complaint is compiled in one place. The message is directed to the DPO (Data Protection Officer). Tracking the IP of the machine that originated the transmission is strictly prohibited to ensure the confidentiality of the complaint and the anonymity of the complainant;

b) Direct contact with Supervisor Guilherme Immich via e-mail at lgpd@interact.com.br or with any director member of Interact Solutions, in person or by telephone, ensuring the confidentiality of your identity.

Reporting Channel Complaint Consultation Data subject consultation - Data Protection
Pillar 7

Internal Treatment of Complaints

Upon receipt of the complaint, the Compliance Officer will have a maximum term of 30 (thirty) days, extendable for an equal period, to adopt all necessary investigative measures, always respecting the legislation in force.

If the Compliance Officer becomes the subject of a complaint, it will be automatically dismissed, and Senior Management must appoint a new Compliance Officer to fill the position temporarily.

Pillar 8

Due Diligence

The Interact Compliance Program ensures good relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. In the scope of corporate acquisitions, the Interact Group conducts its business based on national and international legislation.

Internal decisions are guided by the guidelines of federal, state and municipal laws in force in the areas of operation, with emphasis on consumer protection laws of an economic, tax, labour and social security nature.

Pillar 9

Monitoring and Auditing

Interact Compliance Program is regularly reviewed. With continuous improvement as a reference, since the Interact Management System, internal and control audits are carried out to monitor, measure and identify possible integrity corrections.