From the strategic to the operational

Our proposal integrates three modern tools, based on international methodologies, understanding that each one complements and adds to the management of organizations, achieving the strategic, tactic and operational.

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Benefits and features

  • Integration of the three main areas of the organization in the same software
  • Alignment of strategy to operation, with modules that work attending the BSC methodology - Balanced Scoredcard and GBM - Guideline-Based Management
  • Strategic maps aligning all the business perspectives through an automated communication system
  • Management of all the steps of the project, integrating all the involved parts
  • Resources, costs and people control
  • Mapping, modeling and automatization of processes alligned to the continuous improvement circle
  • Optimized follow-up of the execution and the processes results
  • Reoports and statistics generation to critical and gerencial analysis
  • Easy integration with ERP, CRM and BI systems
  • Complete solution with integrated modules

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Available and complementary components

Interact has several components that, combined with applications, increase the productivity and performance of your business. All of them are available and integrated with other Suite SA products.

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