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FAQ - Frequentely Asked Questions

Custom or customization are demands originated by customers to meet a need that Suite SA product does not offer yet. It can be new reports, queries, artifacts, dashboards, new screens or specific functionality of the requester. Every Custom must be requested via registration, by the customer, or by the customer's consultant. Based on this request, an initial analysis is made, requirements gathering and the definition of the best solution or way to meet it.

Artifact is a graphic or analytic view of customized data for each client, according to their needs.

It can be one or more graphics of different types, structured tables, cards and other elements, in a visual or interactive form. Artifacts are typically used in Presenter or Dashboard applications. It is also possible to place the Artifacts in the summary tabs of the Suite SA inspectors screens.

A BI Analytics is a dashboard provided in the SA Analytics Manager module. BI analytics, used in Suite SA, are developed by Microsoft's Power BI tool. Each analysis is created to meet the customer's need and can present information from the Suite SA itself or from other systems. BI analysis allows for a very effective integration between different information, in addition to having a modern layout, with infinite possibilities for filtering and interaction between the worked data.

Yes, customizations, services or projects have development costs. Therefore, with each new request, an Interact technician will contact you to unload the requests and document them for your approval. In this way, we will ensure that we are fully meeting your needs, in addition to allowing a more reliable estimate of the effort required and consequently the cost for the customer.

For these project and service customizations, Interact works with a Service Order process. We will first take your request and contact you to gather details, document requirements and estimate effort. Then we send the request and proposal documents for your approval.
If you agree to the requirements and value of the proposal, we will schedule the delivery of the customization in your homologation environment, where you can validate it (i.e. confirm to deliver in the SA production environment).

Yes, you can. In addition, this is one of the main reasons for gathering requirements with the applicant, always aiming to meet all needs.

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