The Interact's Ombudsman has the objective of being a direct access and representing all customers within the Interact organization, ensuring that the manifestations about the different types of services received are externalized and appreciated by an exclusive team, in an independent and impartial way, until its effective conclusion, and, giving the effective referrals and solutions.

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Code of ethics and conduct

Interact structured its Compliance Program to directly contribute to ensuring that the processes of contracting, delivery of products and services and relationships with customers, suppliers and other institutions are carried out in a transparent manner based on good governance and ethics practices .

The Reporting Channels are of fundamental importance in the Program, as they offer a safe and confidential way to report suspicious or unethical behavior. Interact also adopts a policy of non-retaliation, should the reporting person choose to identify himself.

Objectively, in case of suspected violation of any of the established precepts, the interested party may file a complaint. Among other information, it may contain: (1) report of what happened; (2) the name of those involved or the area in which they operate, whether or not they are members of Interact; (3) period of the facts; and, (4) if it is a prevention report, report when the violation may occur.

The Interact Compliance Program has the following reporting channels:

a) The whistleblowing channel inserted in the SA Strategic Adviser structure. The message is sent to Interact's Compliance Officer. Tracking the IP of the machine where the message originated is strictly prohibited, in order to ensure the confidentiality of the complaint and the anonymity of the complainant;

b) The email, managed by Interact's Compliance Officer. Just like the previous reporting channel, anyone interested, Interact or not, can report irregularities that they are aware of;

c) Direct contact with the Compliance Officer or any member member of Interact Solutions, in person, via email or telephone contact, ensuring the confidentiality of your identity.