Press Start on the Corporate Governance 4.0

Interact Start is the ideal solution for companies looking to take the first steps in the digital transformation of corporate governance.

  • Corporate Governance 4.0
  • Dynamic strategic map (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Indicator management (OKR, KPIs and monitoring)
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Matrix
  • Calculation Probability x Impact x Detectability
  • Management of Non-Conformities
  • Ishikawa Diagram
  • Custom workflow
  • Document Management
  • Electronic document repository
  • Full document control
  • Data Protection Management Solution (GDPR)
  • Consent management
  • Automatic generation of the impact report

All on one platform

Interact Start includes everything you need to:

→ Strategies management
→ Management of indicators
→ Risk management
→ Management of non-conformities
→ Document management
→ Protection of personal data

And the best: with 100% web technology.

System used by hospitals, industries and public bodies in Brazil and abroad

Key benefits and features

  • Corporate Governance 4.0

  • Dynamic strategic map (Balanced Scorecard)

  • Indicator management (OKR, KPIs and monitoring)

  • Risk Management

  • Management of Non-Conformities

  • Ishikawa Diagram

  • Document Management

  • Data Protection Management Solution (GDPR)

  • Why Analysis

  • Defense Layers

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Bow tie analysis

  • Presenter

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Frequently asked questions about the Interact Start, from hiring modalities to technical aspects of the system.

Interact Start has two modes of acquisition. The first, with the right to access 3 simultaneous users. The second for 5 simultaneous users. Contact our consultants for more details.

Interact Start training is conducted by Interact Academy, Interact Solutions' training platform. Extra training can be hired at special prices if the customer needs more personalized training.

Yes. In addition to the Interact Academy, a training platform, the Interact Start customer will have a series of instructional manuals for using the new system.

Interact Start has customer service by opening a ticket. The contract agrees upon the response time, with specific SLA (Service Level Agreement) rules.

Hiring takes place in the leasing format, with the document's signature through the Clicksign platform.

There is no minimum loyalty period.

Interact Start adopts a monthly fee format. Payment must be made after hiring.

Interact Start is hosted in the cloud from Microsoft's Azure. The servers are located in the United States, with strict data protection.

Yes. Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, Interact Start has security backups performed periodically (daily for 7 days + 1 monthly), with total personal data protection.

Interact Start was built from Interact Suite SA version 8.0.4. All control of implementations and improvements will be carried out from this release onwards at specific intervals.

Yes. If you have contracted the 3-user modality, expanding it to 5 users is possible. For more, you need to upgrade to Interact Suite SA.

No. Integration services with other systems, VPN connections with third-party environments and customization are offered only in the Interact Suite SA, the leading corporate governance platform of the Interact Group.

Yes. Both systems are interconnected. In addition to all the benefits of Interact Suite SA, when opting for the upgrade, the customer will keep all the data recorded until then without any loss.

No. Interact Start is the only modality which does not allow the downgrade of Interact Suite SA.

Interact Start is a system for companies starting the digital transformation of corporate governance. It includes several modules and components with limited functionality and optimized resource consumption. In addition, the visual identity and user experience follow its minimalist standards. Modules: Governance Manager, Document Manager, Occurrence Manager, Risk Manager and Data Protection Solution (GDPR). Components: Risk Map, Dashboard, Why Analysis, Defense Layers, Ishikawa Diagram, SWOT Analysis and Bow Tie Analysis. Tools: Users, Permissions, Groups, Attributes, Nomenclatures and Properties.

The system architecture uses Java and the Apache Tomcat 9 application server, with a Microsoft SQL server database.

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