Interact e Univates inauguram centro de inovação no Tecnovates

Institucional 27/10/2023
Interact e Univates inauguram centro de inovação no Tecnovates

Interact Solutions and the University of Vale do Taquari (Univates), lajeado (RS), will inaugurate on April 4 a new innovation center in the Scientific and Technological Park of the Taquari Valley (Tecnovates). The environment will unite the company and the academy in the creation of solutions for business management. The name will be announced on the occasion.

The initiative will be divided into two complementary areas, under the coordination of Interact’s International Business and Project Development sectors: the design of new solutions for the SA-Strategic Adviser Suite and the internationalization of the company, the focus of the 2018 business vision. In addition to Interact employees, the space will bring together professors, students and exchange students from the university. In total, there will be 34 new job positions.

With 600 square meters, the structure has a whole ten environments, both for internationalization, project creation and research and development, as well as for product presentation, videoconferences, interviews and meetings. The rooms bear the names of Interact’s main international countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.

Tecnovates participates in three integrated science park ecosystems: the Gaucho Innovation Environment Network (Reginp), the National Association of Innovative Enterprise Promoters (Anprotec) and the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP). In addition to contributing to international expansion, Interact also joins a so-called group of information technology companies that tie scientific and methodological research to its products.

“A partnership that will be successful for all”

Thus defined the new innovation center the Administrative Coordinator of Tecnovates, Cintia Agostini. “We are pleased to consolidate another partnership with Interact, a company that has been with Univates for many years. But now, as a resident of Tecnovates, they are approaching our goals,” she says.

She highlights fundamental aspects of the project, such as the search for innovation in the areas of education, health and public management. The project team will work with solutions for the main accreditations and certifications of the market, such as ISO, Joint Commission, ONA, SGSST, CEAACES, CNA and similar ones. Employees will also adopt agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking.


About Interact

In the market since 1999, Interact operates in research and software development for business management and governance. Currently, it has 80 direct employees, 85 employees in 13 Units in Brazil, 56 business partners, nine international distributors and an international unit in Colombia.

The company’s main product is the SA Strategic Adviser Suite, a suite of 20 integrated management systems. Today, 364 organizations in Latin America use these products in 720 installed bases. In the health sector, eight of the largest Brazilian hospitals use Interact software, according to the list prepared by the National Association of Private Hospitals.

In addition to Brazil and Colombia, the company also operates in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Today about 7% of customers are abroad. For the next few years, the expectation is to arrive in Central America, in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.

“Interact Solutions is an information technology company, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Lajeado. Throughout its first 18 years of growth, it has always had the research and development of software as a locomotive to improve the various management and governance models of Brazilian companies and neighboring countries. This week, we are starting a new front of work with the creation of Interact’s research, innovation and internationalization laboratory, within the Taquari Valley Scientific and Technological Park – Tecnovates. It will be the combination of software manufacturing experience, good company practices and academic knowledge, supported by technical professionals, teachers, consultants and students, in favor of improving and creating solutions and technologies for companies in Brazil and Latin America. We are all very happy to be able to contribute to the development of all involved.”

Interact Directors

Fábio Frey – Director of Administration and Business
Thomas Spriestersbach – Chief Technology Officer
João Alex Fritsch – Director of Clients and Services
Kurt Molz – Director of Development


“The Taquari Valley Scientific and Technological Park – Tecnovates is pleased to consolidate another partnership with Interact, a company that has been with Univates for many years. Now, as a resident of Tecnovates, they approach our goals. In order to innovate, Interact and Tecnovates create a group of company employees, teachers, interns and volunteers from Univates and exchange students from various countries, who propose to innovate and create solutions in the areas of education, health and public management. Tecnovates congratulates Interact’s arrival in a partnership that will undoubtedly be successful for everyone.”

Administrative Coordinator of Tecnovates, Cynthia Agostini

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