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The ideal solution for your first steps towards the digital transformation of governance.  

Interact Start is the ideal starting point for companies looking to embrace the digital transformation of corporate governance. Our 100% web platform offers all the essential tools to boost your company’s strategic planning.

The perfect solution for companies looking to simplify, streamline, and facilitate strategic management. Talk to one of our consultants today and start redefining the future of your business.

Your first steps towards digital transformation.

Simple, agile, and accessible    

If you want to take the first steps towards corporate governance 4.0 in a simple, agile, and accessible way, Interact Start is the perfect solution. Contact one of our consultants now to discover how we can help transform the future of your company. It’s time to make your company more efficient, secure, and ready for the challenges of the modern corporate world.

Our differentials

  • Create, monitor, and adjust your strategic map, objectives, indicators, and action plans.
  • Control and evaluate your performance through key performance indicators.
  • Identify, assess, and mitigate risks, ensuring the sustainability of your business.
  • Record and analyze occurrences, including the use of the Ishikawa Diagram for quality management.
  • Store and manage essential digital documents for your business.
  • Comply with major regulations, such as LGPD in Brazil and GDPR in Europe, ensuring data security and privacy.

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