Ombudsman and reporting channels


The Interact Ombudsman aims to provide direct access and represent all clients within the organization. It ensures that expressions regarding various service interactions are communicated and reviewed by a dedicated team, independently and impartially, until their effective resolution, providing appropriate follow-up and solutions.

If you have any suggestions, comments, criticisms or complaints, please contact us.

Reporting Channels

Interact has structured its Compliance Program to directly contribute to ensuring that the processes of hiring, product and service delivery, and relationships with clients, suppliers and other institutions are conducted transparently, guided by good governance and ethical practices.

Reporting Channels play a crucial role in the Program, providing a secure and confidential way to report suspicious or unethical behavior. Interact also adopts a non-retaliation policy if the reporting person chooses to identify themselves.

In case of suspected violation of any established principles, the concerned party can make a report. The report may include, among other information: (1) a description of the incident; (2) names of those involved or the area of activity, whether or not they are Interact members; (3) timeframe of the events; and (4) if it’s a preventive report, information on when the violation might occur.

The Interact Compliance Program provides the following reporting channels:

a) The reporting channel integrated into the SA Strategic Adviser structure. The message is directed to the Interact Compliance Officer. IP tracking of the machine from which the message originated is strictly prohibited to ensure the confidentiality of the report and the anonymity of the whistleblower;

b) The email, managed by the Interact Compliance Officer. Similar to the previous reporting channel, anyone, whether affiliated with Interact or not, can report any irregularities they are aware of;

c) Direct contact with the Compliance Officer or any executive member of Interact Solutions, either in person, via email or by phone, with the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity ensured.