Suite SA

Suite SA is a set of applications that aims to promote the management of strategy and corporate intelligence. These modular applications form the main product portfolio of Interact, and just like the components and in an integrated way, they make up the main solutions of the company.

SA Governance Manager

SA Performance Manager is now SA Governance Manager! This is the main module of the SA Suite for corporate governance. With it, you guarantee integrated management with other Interact management solutions, with management of strategies, processes, projects, compliance, risks, quality and also organizational performance.

  • Corporate Governance 4.0
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • BSC – Balanced Scorecard
  • Management Guidelines
  • OKR – Objectives and Key Results
  • Key performance indicators
  • 16 tools for management analysis, with interactive dashboards
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SA Process Manager

A complete tool for Process Management, which combines EPM, BPI, BPMS, BPMN and RPA. SA Process Manager is an innovative technology for BPM that allows you to map, optimize and boost the execution and results of your organization's processes.

  • Mapping of processes
  • Control of process bottleneck
  • Productivity and performance statistics
  • Online and dinamic management
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SA Project Manager

The SA Project Manager module makes it possible to plan and monitor your projects according to the stages of your life cycle. Supervise, from start to finish, all stages of the project management processes

  • Gantt Chart
  • Monitoring of executions
  • Automatic sending notifications
  • Based on Project Management Institute - PMI
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SA Document Manager

SA Document Manager guarantees the most advanced electronic document management and the valuation of corporate information.

  • Electronic document management
  • Control of new versions and distribution
  • Security, availability and integration
  • Compatible with ISO certifications
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SA Occurrence Manager

SA Occurrence Manager is a manager of occurrences that allows you to identify and register the incidents and turn it into opportunities for improvement.

  • Workflow for event control
  • Pareto Chart Analysis
  • Ishikawa diagram
  • Actions Plan
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SA Service Manager

Manage the institution's services, suppliers and contracts effectively. The SA Service Manager module manages and monitors all stages of the contracted work, from the candidate's evaluation to the supplier

  • Documents, contracts and services
  • Performance rating and ranking
  • Control of deadlines and clauses
  • Suppliers and contract lifecycle
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SA Analytics Manager

SA Analytics Manager allows managers to make better decisions due to global and individual views of corporate performance, enabling anticipation of events.

  • Dinamic management and good performance
  • Drill anywhere: strategic, tactical and operational
  • Reports, scorecards e dashboards
  • Integration with SA Governance Manager
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SA Risk Manager

SA Risk Manager allows the definition of the practices' control to mitigate the risks of the process and control their levels through audits and contingency plans.

  • Risks' controle, factors and practices
  • Analysis of inherent and residual risk
  • Control of the acctions
  • Compatible with SOX - Sarbanes and Oxley
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SA Survey Manager

Improve your business management with SA Survey Manager. The module collects, tabulates and extracts its results, making management a simpler and more agile task.

  • Electronic and customized searches
  • Auto tab
  • Real time follow up
  • Statistical analyzes
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SA Competence Manager

SA Competence Manager represents an integrated solution for the management of all aspects of employee training, representing the intellectual capital of the organization.

  • Mapping of the skills
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Ranking and talent programme
  • Courses' management
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SA Audit Manager

SA Audit Manager allows you to plan and manage audits, making management more secure, transparent and competitive with the best practices in the market.

  • Management of the audit program
  • Audit process workflow
  • Checklist's definition
  • Management reports
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SA Budget Manager

SA Budget Manager is a system form economic, financial and property plannig which allows, based on the business premises defined, the construction pf scenarios for a better business decision-making.

  • Consolidated and separated vision by Units/Business and Projects (Fixed and variable budgets);
  • It supports multi scenarios with comparison between others scenarios;
  • Simulation and viability study of financial and personal projects;
  • Execution of approved projects.
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SA Corporative TV

The Corporative TV is a tool that allows the configuration and programming of the contents that will be displayed on the various configured channels and that can be accessed by any device with internet access.

  • Sight management with data from Suite SA
  • Propagation of the institutional contents
  • Integration with ERP's
  • Channel configuration for different audiences
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SA Components Manager

Interact dispose of several components that, in addition with the applications, add more productivity and yield to your business. All of them are avaliable and integrated with other SA products.

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SA Scrum Application

The SA Scrum Application from Suite SA Strategic Adviser guarantees the execution of the agile Scrum methodology in its projects, with the creation of several project sprints and the monitoring of different teams.

  • Service of the Scrum agile methodology
  • Monitoring team tasks
  • Space for critical analysis of projects
  • Indicators and graphs for monitoring and analyzing results
  • Monitoring and analysis of results
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SA Teleconference

Have you ever imagined a complete software for the corporate management of your company, which still guarantees video contact with your colleagues? Purchase the Teleconference application, a remote advisory tool from Interact's Suite SA Strategic Adviser.

  • Creation of up to 20 simultaneous rooms*
  • Permission of up to 100 participants per room*
  • Complete integration with Suite SA Strategic Adviser
  • Screen sharing for participants
  • Video and audio transmission with chat
  • Application available for desktop and mobile devices
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Available and complementary components

Interact has several components that, combined with applications, increase the productivity and performance of your business. All of them are available and integrated with other Suite SA products.

Success cases

“Like any organization that permanently seeks success, Coopidrogas set out to implement a methodology that would allow it to measure…

Ricardo Campos T.

Director of Organization and Methods at Coopidrogas


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“Risk management, compliance and more governance are an inseparable triangle. The compliance area, mainly, is a delicate area, in which…

Armando Gass

Risk Management and Corporate Integrity Coordinator

Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre (Brasil)

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“The Suite SA system came to contribute as a system of organization of information and data related to Strategic Planning,…

Renaldo Vieira de Souza

Adminitrative Pro-Rector of La Salle University - Canoas/RS

Rede La Salle (Brasil)

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“The SA Strategic Adviser system is a practical and dynamic tool that enables total control of processes, in an integrated…

Danilo dos Santos Matos

Quality, Strategic and Corporative Governance Manager

Unimed Governador Valadares (Brasil)

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