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With our software solutions, we drive companies ranging from those looking to start in digital transformation to those needing a robust and complete system in various market segments.

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Interact Suite SA

It is the most complete product to enhance the corporate governance of your business. Composed of modular applications, it offers integrated solutions that boost efficiency and transparency in your company. Maximize your success with Interact Suite SA.

Interact Start

The ideal solution for companies looking to take the first steps in digital transformation, with agility and efficiency in their management practices. Simplify processes and boost your growth with Interact Start.


Interact Flow

Our free solution, didactic and aligned with BPMN notation. Composed of best practices, Interact Flow will optimize and facilitate the management of your business processes, clearly and efficiently.

Interact Pocket

The mobile solution for agile and efficient management of your company, available 24 hours a day, that fits in your pocket. Interact Pocket, the extension of Interact Suite SA, offers all the features you need to enhance your corporate governance on the go.

Interact Academy

Our streaming platform is full of content about our products. All of this to empower employees, partners, units, and clients with the best practices in corporate management.

Projects for the Client

We offer personalized services for automation, training, and robotization, ensuring that your management is efficient in all aspects.


Interact has a team of specialized partners ready to support you, regardless of your company's stage.

Project Development

Interact has a specialized team dedicated to developing projects, customizations, and analytical needs for its clients.

Available and complementary components

Interact offers various components that, when combined with applications, increase the productivity and performance of your business. All of them are available and integrated with other products in Suite SA.

Solutions for all companies

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