EPM, BPI, BPMS, BPMN, and RPA. All this is on one platform. In an integrated manner, SA Process Manager allows you to map, optimize, and automate the execution and results of business processes. Boost your results right now with intelligence, automation, and robotization.

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Intelligence, Automation, Integration and Robotic

Developed based on the 9 areas of the BPM – Business Process Management discipline, from the ABPMP's BPM CBOK, SA Process Manager enables the improvement of business performance through the automation of processes, resulting in better business management, with measurement and control in the execution of processes.

Main applications

Process Repository


Process Analysis


Mapping and Modeling


Error Management

Process Simulation


Low Code



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Benefits and features

  • Creation of forms, business rules and subprocesses
  • No code and customization required
  • Reduction of the total time of implantation, increasing the productivity of the organization
  • Definition of the role in a target activity
  • Management and improvement through analysis of historical data
  • Identification of responsible users, areas and managers at each stage of the process
  • Semaphores of action, which allows to act and manage each of the evaluated processes
  • Allows definition of access to process attributes (visualization and/or modification) by activity
  • Datas for indicators are collected automaticaly
  • Real-time monitoring of the organization's processes
  • Strategic data generated in SA Performance Manager, providing an integrated Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) system
  • Control and identification of process bottlenecks
  • Enable corrective measures so that the process reaches its final objective, without negative impacts to the organization
  • More efficiency through process automation
  • It preserves investments, keeping all the knowledge of your business independent of constantly changing technologies

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Available and complementary components

Interact Suite SA is the perfect combination of modular applications, which together form Interact's portfolio of integrated solutions to improve the corporate governance of your business.

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Interact solutions are made up of a combination of products that work in an integrated way to meet the management demands of your company.

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Success cases

“The Suite SA system came to contribute as a system of organization of information and data related to Strategic Planning,…

Renaldo Vieira de Souza

Adminitrative Pro-Rector of La Salle University - Canoas/RS

Rede La Salle (Brasil)

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“The SA Strategic Adviser system is a practical and dynamic tool that enables total control of processes, in an integrated…

Danilo dos Santos Matos

Quality, Strategic and Corporative Governance Manager

Unimed Governador Valadares (Brasil)

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