SA Process Manager

EPM, BPI, BPMS, BPMN, and RPA. All this is on one platform. In an integrated manner, SA Process Manager allows you to map, optimize, and automate the execution and results of business processes. Boost your results right now with intelligence, automation, and robotization.

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Intelligence, Automation, Integration and Robotic

Developed based on the 9 areas of the BPM discipline – Business Process Management from ABPMP’s BPM CBOK, the SA Process Manager enables improvement in business performance through process automation.

The module results in better business management, with measurement and control of process execution.

Main applications

Process Repository


Process Analysis


Mapping and Modeling


Error Management

Process Simulation


Low Code



Benefits and features

  • Creation of forms, business rules and subprocesses
  • No code and customization required
  • Reduction of the total time of implantation, increasing the productivity of the organization
  • Definition of the role in a target activity
  • Management and improvement through analysis of historical data
  • Identification of responsible users, areas and managers at each stage of the process
  • Semaphores of action, which allows to act and manage each of the evaluated processes
  • Allows definition of access to process attributes (visualization and/or modification) by activity
  • Datas for indicators are collected automaticaly
  • Real-time monitoring of the organization’s processes
  • Strategic data generated in SA Performance Manager, providing an integrated Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) system
  • Control and identification of process bottlenecks
  • Enable corrective measures so that the process reaches its final objective, without negative impacts to the organization
  • More efficiency through process automation
  • It preserves investments, keeping all the knowledge of your business independent of constantly changing technologies

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Interact Ambassador, Gart Capote

To broaden the systemic view and analytical thinking of its clients, and not just use a tool, Interact relies on the support of its newest Ambassador: Gart Capote!

Gart is one of the pioneers of the BPM (Business Process Management) theme in Brazil, studying and practicing the discipline with technological support (BPMS) since 2004. He regularly works as a consultant, instructor, and BPM and Customer Orientation speaker for various institutions in Brazil and abroad. He is also a Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP), founder, and president of ABPMP in Brazil for 8 consecutive years.

In addition to being an international leader for the BPM professionals’ community, he is also a highly respected practitioner for his projects, results, and ethics.

Discipline + Technology

Through this joint work, tools dedicated to optimizing BPM processes will gain more support, expanding the possibilities of work within organizations.

Gart brings this vision in his content, well-addressed in the ‘Customer Journey.’ A methodology, divided into 8 steps that aim to understand the customer, understand the tasks, describe the objectives, develop solutions, build the journey, detail the hypotheses, describe changes, and finally, build the Canvas.

To learn more about SA Process Manager and actions with Ambassador Gart Capote, follow our channels.

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Available and complementary components

Interact Suite SA is the perfect combination of modular applications, which together form Interact’s portfolio of integrated solutions to improve the corporate governance of your business.

Anywhere. 24 hours a day. And it still fits in your pocket.

Interact Pocket is the mobile version of Interact Suite SA. In addition to exclusive management applications, Interact Pocket brings together functionalities from various modules so that you can access information anywhere, anytime.

Here are some of the applications of Process Management in the mobile version.

Design your processes simply and for free

With Interact Flow, you can model conceptual processes using a tool with BPMN 2.0 notation, inspired by international methodology standards. Optimize your processes and take a step in your journey towards better results.

Structure your processes now

What our clients say

“The SA Strategic Adviser system is a practical and dynamic tool that enables total control of processes in an integrated and robust manner, generating confidence and accuracy in all activities. In recent times, we have been working to integrate indicators in the DataIntegrator format (via system databases), allowing for a reduction in human interactions in data manipulation. All auditors from ISO, ONA, and NR 277/2011 from ANS were quite impressed with how the system contributes to information access and the development of strategic activities.”

Danilo dos Santos Matos

Corporate Governance, Quality, and Strategic Planning Manager at Unimed Governador Valadares

“The operational logic has been consolidating since the acquisition of the modules we defined as part of our management system, allowing us to build a solid foundation of knowledge and access to information. With this structure defined and all the knowledge acquired in partnership with Interact consultants, we met with our internal users who requested a way to enhance and facilitate integrated and agile access throughout the company, where they could use this content at all times for strategic and operational definitions. With the implemented solution, we were able to gain agility and breadth in knowledge, as well as a boost in engagement with the visible management culture of the integrated management system. Our medium-term vision is to integrate our risk management into this model, closing the PDCA cycle for the practice of continuous improvement in our company.”

Ronaldo Lucco

Processes and Quality Manager at Unimed Seguros

“The Interact BPMS has proven to be an efficient and effective tool in mapping and improving our processes… Faced with challenges in business management, the Interact BPMS solution motivates us to advance in BPM, progressively improving Datapar’s processes. We can offer our clients this solution, tested and approved by us, always seeking to achieve our strategic goals and objectives.”

Hércules Borges

Strategic Partnerships Coordinator at Datapar

Frequent Questions

Clarify some of the most common doubts about our products

  • The SA Process Manager was developed based on the 9 areas of the BPM (Business Process Management) discipline according to the BPM CBOK of ABPMP.

  • Yes, easily with other modules within the Interact Suite SA or with other systems.

  • Yes, including monitoring the progress of instances and initiating new ones.

    • End-to-end mapping
    • Integrations
    • Automation
    • Control
  • Developed based on the BPM discipline, the SA Process Manager allows you to map, optimize, and automate the execution and results of business processes.

    With improved business performance through process automation, there is better business management, with measurement and control in process execution.

  • In the business context, Process Management involves a set of actions and best practices to perform the processes of a company.

    Every company has processes that need to be constantly reviewed and monitored to address bottlenecks, resulting in time optimization and better outcomes.

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