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The Interact Suite SA is a reference software to drive excellence in management

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O Interact Start é a solução ideal para empresas que buscam dar os primeiros passos na transformação digital da governança corporativa

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Companies of all sectors and sizes are already using Interact’s solutions to elevate their corporate governance to a new level.

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Interact Suite SA

It is the most comprehensive product to enhance your business’s corporate governance. Composed of modular applications, it offers integrated solutions that drive efficiency and transparency in your company. Boost your success with Interact Suite SA

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Interact Start

The ideal solution for companies looking to take the first steps in digital transformation, with agility and efficiency in their management practices. Simplify processes and drive your growth with Interact Start

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Interact Flow

Our free solution, didactic and aligned with BPMN notation. Composed of best practices, Interact Flow will optimize and facilitate the management of your business processes, clearly and efficiently

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Interact Pocket

The mobile solution for agile and efficient management of your company, available 24 hours a day, that fits in your pocket. Interact Pocket, the extension of Interact Suite SA, offers all the functionalities you need to enhance your corporate governance on the go

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Interact Academy

Our streaming platform is full of content about our products. All of this is to empower employees, partners, units, and clients with the best practices in corporate management

Interact Ambassador, Gart Capote

Gart is one of the pioneers of BPM (Business Process Management) in Brazil, studying and practicing the discipline with technological support (BPMS) since 2004. He regularly works as a consultant, instructor, and speaker on BPM and Customer Orientation for various institutions in Brazil and abroad. He is also a Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP), founder, and president of ABPMP in Brazil for 8 consecutive years.

Through this joint work, Interact’s tools dedicated to optimizing BPM processes will gain more support, expanding the possibilities of work within organizations.

Gart brings this vision in his content, including a well-developed approach in the “Customer Journey”. A methodology divided into 8 stages aimed at understanding the customer, understanding the tasks, describing the objectives, developing solutions, building the journey, detailing the hypotheses, describing changes, and finally, building the Canvas.

To learn more about the news and actions with Ambassador Gart Capote, follow our channels.

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What our clients say

“The SA Strategic Adviser system is a practical and dynamic tool that enables total control of processes in an integrated and robust manner, generating confidence and accuracy in all activities. In recent times, we have been working to integrate indicators in the DataIntegrator format (via system databases), allowing for a reduction in human interactions in data manipulation. All auditors from ISO, ONA, and NR 277/2011 from ANS were quite impressed with how the system contributes to information access and the development of strategic activities.”

Danilo dos Santos Matos

Corporate Governance, Quality, and Strategic Planning Manager at Unimed Governador Valadares

“The SA system came to contribute as an information and data organization system related to Strategic Planning, considering the need for a dedicated system to meet the Strategic Planning Management of the Institution.”

Renaldo Vieira de Souza

Vice Chancellor for Administration at La Salle University - Canoas/RS

“The operational logic has been consolidating since the acquisition of the modules we defined as part of our management system, allowing us to build a solid foundation of knowledge and access to information. With this structure defined and all the knowledge acquired in partnership with Interact consultants, we met with our internal users who requested a way to enhance and facilitate integrated and agile access throughout the company, where they could use this content at all times for strategic and operational definitions. With the implemented solution, we were able to gain agility and breadth in knowledge, as well as a boost in engagement with the visible management culture of the integrated management system. Our medium-term vision is to integrate our risk management into this model, closing the PDCA cycle for the practice of continuous improvement in our company.”

Ronaldo Lucco

Processes and Quality Manager at Unimed Seguros

“The SA Suite enabled the integration between Strategic Management and Quality Management processes, providing a more effective and dynamic organizational management. The web version of the system was very efficient as it allowed for the decentralized input of information (strategic indicators, strategic actions, action plans, and non-conformity management) across the entire Hemominas Network. This mobility allows for greater agility in workflows, increased information security, automation of activities, strengthened traceability, improved process integration in the network, and enhancement of the Strategic System Planning and Quality Management.”

Sandro Ribeiro Campos Junior

Manager of Institutional Development at Fundação Hemominas

“The SA Strategic Adviser system has allowed for faster, easier, and, above all, secure access to documented information. MMB (Manipulação Minas-Brasil) has been adopting new techniques every day to enhance its products, services, and information, always with the aim of ensuring maximum quality and protecting the health of its customers.”

Luciano Guedes

Executive Director of Drogaria Minas-Brasil

“The tool suggests, or rather, brings about a change, primarily in culture. It makes everyone start moving in the same direction, enabling continuous improvement in management and, consequently, results.”

Cesar Augusto Fontana

Controller at Hospital São Vicente de Paulo

“It is a tool for learning and deepening the practice of thinking strategically about an institution. It allows us to have a matrix view of the operation of the Marist Institution in Chile.”

Ernesto José Reyes Plaza

Executive Secretary of Mission at Marist Brothers Congregation

“The SA has been used as if we were working within the premises of SEMAE. This is the great differential observed with the improvements made from 2017 to the present moment – a 100% web tool that allows us to work from anywhere, including home office…”

Alexsandro da Silveira Brito

Integrated Systems Management at SEMAE

“The Interact BPMS has proven to be an efficient and effective tool in mapping and improving our processes… Faced with challenges in business management, the Interact BPMS solution motivates us to advance in BPM, progressively improving Datapar’s processes. We can offer our clients this solution, tested and approved by us, always seeking to achieve our strategic goals and objectives.”

Hércules Borges

Strategic Partnerships Coordinator at Datapar

“With the implementation, we realized that the tool fulfills its purpose and allows users to manage their documentation and feed, review, analyze, and define action plans related to measurements taken, with friendly and clear graphical environments, reports that enable monitoring and periodic review, and if desired, in real-time, what aspects should be paid attention to.”

Ricardo Campos T.

Director of Organization and Methods at Coopidrogas

“The software brings many gains regarding strategic objectives and indicators. Things that were difficult to work with at the beginning are now included in the strategic planning, which is known throughout the institution. So now we have more and more activities to align support areas with the institution’s objectives.”

Rodrigo Panitz

Quality Analyst at HBB

“The SA brought us many conveniences and assisted us greatly in the accreditation process. By being able to demonstrate internal analyses, it is a tool that makes all the data clear for the evaluator when they are auditing us.”

Samanta Vanzin

Quality Coordinator at HBB

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