SA Service Manager

Effective management of services, suppliers, and contracts. With SA Service Manager, you manage and monitor all stages of contracted work – from candidate evaluation to the ranking of the best suppliers.

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Management, Control and Performance

The functionalities of the tool range from registration and assessment of supplier qualification to the maintenance of signed contracts.

Periodically evaluate performance and monitor the quality of service provision

Main applications

Contract Management

Performance Evaluation

Supplier Ranking

Requirements Management

Control of Clauses

Contract Life Cycle


Management reports

Calendar Alerts

Benefits and features

  • Reduction of the operational costs
  • Structure of Services hired and to be hire
  • Services, contracts and suppliers monitoring
  • Structure of qualified suppliers with their respective documentos and deadlines
  • Complete Registration Bank of Bidders and Suppliers
  • Customized checklists to the evaluations
  • Performance reports
  • Definition of requirements and compliance with contract terms
  • Service and contract requirements
  • Monitoring of contract payments
  • Identification of expired contracts
  • Evaluation and qualification of suppliers

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Available and complementary components

Interact Suite SA is the perfect combination of modular applications, which together form Interact’s portfolio of integrated solutions to improve the corporate governance of your business.  

What our clients say

“The software brings many gains regarding strategic objectives and indicators. Things that were difficult to work with at the beginning are now included in the strategic planning, which is known throughout the institution. So now we have more and more activities to align support areas with the institution’s objectives.”

Rodrigo Panitz

Quality Analyst at HBB

“The SA brought us many conveniences and assisted us greatly in the accreditation process. By being able to demonstrate internal analyses, it is a tool that makes all the data clear for the evaluator when they are auditing us.”

Samanta Vanzin

Quality Coordinator at HBB

Frequent Questions

Clarify some of the most common doubts about our products

  • You can establish a scale of values and consolidate your assessments. These scales are linked to questions in a checklist and will assist in automating the evaluation result, thus facilitating the analysis of supplier competence.

  • Yes, easily with other modules within Interact Suite SA or with other systems

    • Customized checklists
    • Monitoring
    • Practicality
    • Controls
  • The tool’s features range from supplier registration and qualification assessment to the maintenance of signed contracts. It is possible to periodically evaluate performance and monitor the quality of service provision.

  • Service Management is essential in any company, as the quality of this work will influence the choice of suppliers and consequently the product you deliver. This management includes a scope of ideal actions and processes to be carried out to obtain the best service from the companies to be contracted by your organization.

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