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Interact Solutions

Interact Solutions is the administrative unit of the Interact Group, a Brazilian company specializing in software research and development. Since 1999, it has been active in the Information Technology market with the SA Suite, a collection of over 20 applications for corporate governance.

The company’s headquarters are located in Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul. Business partners are situated in major Brazilian cities, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Interact in numbers

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    Business units
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    Business partners in Brazil
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    International business partners
  • 1064

    Total installed software bases
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    years of TS Lab

Corporate Philosophy


To research and develop modern governance technologies and methods, to commercialize and deliver differentiated and efficient solutions and services to customers, fostering sustainable growth for the Interact Group, employees, units and partners, benefiting society and suppliers.


To be an international reference in technology and governance solutions for promoting digital transformation and corporate and professional intelligence.


– Competitiveness and Sustainability

– Ethics and Social Responsibility

– Excellence and Commitment

– Innovation and Entrepreneurship

– Relationship and Collaboration

– Respect and Trust

Interact Bridges

Located in front of Interact Solutions in Lajeado, Interact Bridges, founded in 2018, is the National and International Business Unit of the Interact Group. It also houses the Communication and Marketing area, as well as the Interact Studio, a space for video recording, broadcasts and training.

Interact Technology

Located in the Regional Scientific and Technological Park of UNISC – TecnoUnisc, Interact Technology, founded in 2012, is a software development unit of the Interact Group, specializing in the BPMS – Business Process Management Suite of Suite SA, specifically the SA Process Manager module.

Interact Consulting

With Interact Consulting, the company aims to develop modern business methodologies for cognition and operationalization, strengthening partnership connections and distributing technology solutions to national and international markets. Located at the headquarters of Interact Solutions, this unit is responsible for solution development, customizations, integrations, capacity building and training.

Interact Development 

The Products and Development division, Interact Development, creates products for the SA Strategic Adviser Suite, a set of integrated modules that form our various solutions. Currently, the SA Suite includes 15 modules for governance and corporate intelligence, linked to 15 management tools and 13 technology solutions for public and private organizations.

TS Lab, a space for innovation and creation

The TS Lab is the laboratory created in honor of the founding partner of the company, Thomas Spriestersbach (in memoriam). Thomas was an avid supporter of research and the development of new technological solutions and, of course, was the one who developed the first lines of code for the Interact Suite SA.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

In its corporate philosophy, Interact places value on and emphasizes the importance of good practices in social responsibility. Systematically and continuously, social campaigns are carried out for the communities in which we operate. This is in compliance with all government precepts, human and professional development of the individuals involved, as well as actions to disseminate these principles to all stakeholders.

Ongoing Social Initiatives:

Happy Christmas Campaign

Since: 2006

Annually, an organization receives toy and/or food donations from employees. Over 8 entities and hundreds of children have already benefited.

October Pink Campaign

Since: 2016

Annual campaign with employees on raising awareness about the importance of self-examination. 

Blue November Campaign

Since: 2016

Annual campaign with employees raising awareness about the importance of early diagnosis examinations.

Donate a Story Campaign

Since: 2013

Through an annual campaign and the contribution of its employees, Interact has donated 202 books to public libraries and charitable organizations.

Winter Clothing Drive

Since: 2008

Each year, an organization is adopted and winter clothing is collected for donation. To date, 1,468 pieces, including clothing, footwear and blankets have been donated.

Sports Incentive Initiatives

Since: 2008

In addition to participating annually in the Challenge Day, Interact encourages volleyball and futsal games, maintains agreements with fitness centers and sponsors teams and athletes in championships.

World Food Day

Since: 2017

Frequent initiatives to reinforce the importance of avoiding food waste. Activities are intensified annually on World Food Day.

Blood Donation Campaign

Since: 2017

Frequently emphasizes to all employees the importance of being a blood donor. Recurrent campaign.

World Water Day

Since: 2017

Support and encouragement for participation in the ‘Viva o Taquari Vivo’ project for the preservation of the Taquari River, which runs through the headquarters city of Interact.

Environmental Awareness Week

Since: 2011

Annual campaign promoting preservation. In the last edition, tree seedlings were distributed to employees for planting.

Electronic Waste Collection

Since: 2008

Interact provides a collection point for the disposal of materials such as batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Material Recycling

Since: 2009

Interact has a collection point for recyclable materials, such as can tabs and bottle caps.


Special Projects

Seeking to encourage and strengthen excellence in management, Interact has supported philanthropic institutions through special projects.

Environmental Policy

Interact is committed to the environment in all its activities, from the creation of solutions to the use of generated technology. Since 2008, it has had an Environmental Policy aimed at guiding the reduction of impacts from its activities and contributing to the preservation of the planet.

In all our actions, we commit to:

  • Be environmentally responsible in the neighboring communities where we operate, taking corrective actions for occurrences that may be harmful to health, safety or the environment and reporting to authorities and affected parties when necessary.
  • Use materials that do not harm the environment, reusing or recycling them whenever possible or disposing of them properly.
  • Utilize Interact’s services and products to assist in developing solutions for the environmental challenges of the institutions where we operate.
  • Ensure that the work environment is safe and healthy, that employees are appropriately trained for emergency situations and that safety and emergency equipment is provided and in perfect working condition.
  • Use natural and energy resources responsibly in our processes, giving preference to renewable energy sources whenever possible, improving energy efficiency and reducing consumption.

Strategic Alliances

Our strategic alliances promote cooperation between organizations for mutual benefits, both in the development of new products and services, as well as in exploring new markets.

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