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More than software, a revolution in your company’s strategies and operations

Interact Suite SA is more than just corporate governance software. It is a revolution in how businesses manage their operations and strategies. Our modular platform is designed to meet all stages of management, from the strategic level to the operational.

Discover the most complete product to enhance corporate governance in your business. Composed of modular applications, it offers integrated solutions that boost efficiency and transparency in your company.

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The high performance your company deserves

With Interact Suite SA, you will have the security of high performance that your company deserves. We are present in government and private organizations, and our applications undergo regular updates to ensure usability, security, and meeting market needs. Additionally, our platform is flexible and customizable, adapting to the unique needs of your business.

Our differentials

  • Technology adapted to your business: Our platform is fully customizable and flexible to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Specialized support: We have a dedicated team to assist in the application and customization of our software in your business segment.
  • Proven experience: Interact Suite SA has over 20 years of experience, based on effective and consistent features developed with the main global methodologies and the experience of our clients.
  • Enhancing team knowledge: Suite SA identifies the business management maturity stage and proposes resources to elevate strategic decision-making with operational efficiency.
  • Decentralization of processes: Best management practices are easily disseminated, and learning is consistent, providing confidence in decision-making across hierarchies.
  • Security in descriptive and predictive analyses: Various organizational hierarchies will have digital resources to manage the performance of their areas and teams.
  • Retention of Organizational Culture: Due to the centralization of knowledge, norms, processes, and results in Interact Suite SA, adverse effects of turnover and absence of employees will be minimized.
  • Greater productivity: Time optimization and greater availability of information allow for more assertive and agile decisions.

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Interact Suite SA is formed by modular applications that make up the main product portfolio of Interact, offering complete solutions for corporate governance.

Available and complementary components

Interact offers various components that, when combined with applications, increase productivity and the performance of your business. All of them are available and integrated with other products in Suite SA.

Solutions for all companies

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