Competency Management  

Enhance the competence of your talents within the organization and create career plans, promoting and managing competencies, skills, and attitudes of employees with a focus on defined criteria.

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With the solution for competency management and human development 4.0, map talents, manage careers, and assess results.

Improve the competencies of your talents and create career plans. Manage competencies, skills, and attitudes of employees, focusing on defined criteria.

You can also certify employees’ competencies, conduct evaluations (based on goals/results, competencies, or both), and ensure the security and confidentiality of information.

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Benefits and features

  • Complete workflow of competence management
  • Positions Management
  • Analysis tools: 9Box, positions radar, talents database and training hours
  • Employees competence certification
  • Planning of needs and investment in new courses
  • Enrollment control with individual assessment
  • History of enrollments with individual assessment
  • Evaluation of employees (by goals/results, by skills or both)
  • Security and confidentiality of information
  • Availability for research and evaluation reports
  • Alignment of competencies with strategic objectives

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