Digital transformation in logistics management

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Digital transformation in logistic management

Technology has become essential for the routine of managing the logistics chain, allowing greater control in administering the processes of procurement, production, transportation, storage, distribution and delivery of the final product.

A set of best practices in logistics management, combined with software that enables comprehensive business management, ensures the health and evolution of businesses.


Interact Solutions is the answer to taking your results to a new level. Count on our software to manage, analyze, and make strategic decisions for your business.

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With the support of the software, you will be able to optimize the processes and routines of all parties related, directly or indirectly, to supply chain management, that is, in the execution of a customer’s order

Benefits and features

  • Business planning
  • Performance control with indicators
  • Management of innovation projects
  • Production performance
  • Process modeling and automation
  • Risk mapping
  • Improved performance through controls
  • Retention of organizational culture
  • Increased business security
  • Higher productivity
  • Standardization of processes across departments and branches

Together, let’s turn your company into a success story.

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Results that will elevate logistics management to a new level

Technology adapted for the logistics segment

Our platform is fully customizable and flexible to meet the specific needs of the logistics chain.

Specialized support

We have a specific team to assist in the application and customization of our software in the logistics segment

Proven experience

Interact Suite SA has over 20 years of experience, based on effective and consistent functionalities developed with the support of global methodologies and our clients’ experience.

Enhancing team knowledge

Suite SA identifies the maturity stage of business management and proposes resources to elevate strategic decision-making with operational efficiency

Decentralization of processes

Best management practices are easily disseminated, and learning is consistent, providing confidence for decision-making at all levels of hierarchy

Security in descriptive and predictive analyses

The various organizational hierarchies will have digital resources to manage the performance of their areas and teams.

Retention of Organizational Culture

Due to the centralization of knowledge, norms, processes, and results in Interact Suite SA, the adverse effects of turnover and absence of employees will be minimized

Higher productivity

The optimization of time and greater availability of information allow for more assertive and agile decisions.

Our lines of action

  • Transportation
  • Storage and Inventory
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • International Logistics

Solutions for all companies

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