A FREE solution from flow modeling to maturity analysis in process management

Get to know Interact Flow, our free educational tool that is fully aligned with BPMN notation and the Customer Journey.

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A tool to optimize everything that matters in your day-to-day life

Interact Flow is easy, intuitive, simple and open to the public, enabling process modeling, streamlining routines and optimizing results.

Additionally, it allows the company to assess maturity in process management based on the Paulo Robledo model.

Elevate the way you perform your daily activities.

Draw your processes simply and for free

With Interact Flow, you can perform conceptual process modeling using a tool with BPMN 2.0 notation, inspired by international standards of the methodology. Optimize your processes and take a step in your journey towards better results.


Our differentiators

  • Free tool;
  • Uses BPMN 2.0 notation;
  • Allows drawing processes from scratch and creating flowcharts;
  • Import and export of processes;
  • Explanatory videos to facilitate usage;
  • Standard template for editing and downloading;
  • Company maturity assessment model.
  • Governance tools, containing Sipoc, PDCA and 5W2H.
  • Stages of the Customer Journey, by Gart Capote, Interact Ambassador

Learn more about our Offline version

Since its launch, Interact Flow has received many updates and new tools to facilitate the development of strategies aligned with process modeling. To make daily use easier and enhance security and reliability, Interact has delivered an installable offline version of Interact Flow.

To use it, simply: Download the app and register

Interact Flow is exclusive to each registered user. You will have access to the process modeler, governance tools (such as 5W2H, PDCA, and SIPOC), some stages of the Customer Journey, the maturity model, and process models that may be suitable for your business.

Interact Ambassador, Gart Capote

To broaden the systemic view and analytical thinking of its clients, and not just use a tool, Interact relies on the support of its newest Ambassador: Gart Capote!

Gart is one of the pioneers of the BPM (Business Process Management) theme in Brazil, studying and practicing the discipline with technological support (BPMS) since 2004. He regularly works as a consultant, instructor, and BPM and Customer Orientation speaker for various institutions in Brazil and abroad. He is also a Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP), founder, and president of ABPMP in Brazil for 8 consecutive years.

In addition to being an international leader for the BPM professionals’ community, he is also a highly respected practitioner for his projects, results, and ethics.

Discipline + Technology

Through this joint work, tools dedicated to optimizing BPM processes will gain more support, expanding the possibilities of work within organizations.

Gart brings this vision in his content, well-addressed in the ‘Customer Journey.’ A methodology, divided into 8 steps that aim to understand the customer, understand the tasks, describe the objectives, develop solutions, build the journey, detail the hypotheses, describe changes, and finally, build the Canvas.

To learn more about SA Process Manager and actions with Ambassador Gart Capote, follow our channels.

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