SA Audit Manager

SA Audit Manager offers a solution for audit management. The module is compatible with ISO 19011 requirements for quality and environmental management systems. Management becomes more secure, transparent, and competitive with market best practices.

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Security, Transparency and Dynamism

SA Audit Manager provides all audit steps in a flexible and dynamic workflow, adapting to many business models and audits.

The tool covers all stages of the audit, from planning and scheduling to execution.



Main applications

Audits Planning

Definition of checklist

Workflow to each step

Schedule and Execution

Automated reporting


Generation of nonconformities


Benefits and features

  • Flexible and dynamic workflow following ISO 19011
  • Complete management of audit programs
  • Elimination of emails, phone calls and papers
  • Control of appointments and auditors’ agenda
  • Record of non-conformities of improvements and strengths/weaknesses
  • Quick and easy creation of activity schedules
  • Standards, items and criteria management
  • Non-compliance management integrated with SA Occurrence Manager
  • Differentiated access profiles to the system: auditors, leaders and managers
  • Audit reports with dynamic filters
  • Advanced checklist creation and control
  • Convenience in checking checklists through Interact Pocket
  • Improved decision-making, supporting the management of company processes and risks
  • Management and control over audits, programs, auditors and verification checklist

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Available and complementary components

Interact Suite SA is the perfect combination of modular applications, which together form Interact’s portfolio of integrated solutions to improve the corporate governance of your business.

Anywhere. 24 hours a day. And it still fits in your pocket.  

Interact Pocket is the mobile version of Interact Suite SA. In addition to exclusive management applications, Interact Pocket brings together functionalities from various modules so that you can access information anywhere, anytime.

Here are some of the applications of Audit Management in the mobile version.

What our clients say

“The SA Strategic Adviser system is a practical and dynamic tool that enables total control of processes in an integrated and robust manner, generating confidence and accuracy in all activities. In recent times, we have been working to integrate indicators in the DataIntegrator format (via system databases), allowing for a reduction in human interactions in data manipulation. All auditors from ISO, ONA, and NR 277/2011 from ANS were quite impressed with how the system contributes to information access and the development of strategic activities.”

Danilo dos Santos Matos

Corporate Governance, Quality, and Strategic Planning Manager at Unimed Governador Valadares

“The software brings many gains regarding strategic objectives and indicators. Things that were difficult to work with at the beginning are now included in the strategic planning, which is known throughout the institution. So now we have more and more activities to align support areas with the institution’s objectives.”

Rodrigo Panitz

Quality Analyst at HBB

“The SA brought us many conveniences and assisted us greatly in the accreditation process. By being able to demonstrate internal analyses, it is a tool that makes all the data clear for the evaluator when they are auditing us.”

Samanta Vanzin

Quality Coordinator at HBB

Frequent Questions

Clarify some of the most common doubts about our products

  • Of course, not only can you access it, but you can also conduct audits. All in a easy, fast, and efficient way.

  • Yes, from planning and execution to analysis and report generation. All in one place, quickly and accessible.

  • Yes, the tool is aligned with ISO 19011 and the main guidelines necessary for audit management.

    • Flexible workflow
    • End-to-end tracking
    • Dynamic
    • Practicality
  • All stages of audits, in a flexible and dynamic workflow, with adaptation to various business models and audits. You can perform planning, checklists, execution schedules, monitoring, non-conformity control, reports, and even conduct audits with your mobile device.

  • Audit Management allows organizations to systematically carry out the end-to-end audit process. Optimizing each stage, it enables planned actions and detailed data analysis.

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