Human and Professional Development Management

Digital transformation is the path for forward-thinking organizations. The Human and Professional Development Management technology solution ensures the automation, management and continuous improvement of processes involving the organization’s employees.

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Human and Professional Development Management

Based on the Continuous Learning Cycle (PDCA/PDCL), Interact’s solution integrates four integrated modules from the SA Strategic Adviser Suite. Among its key benefits, it includes functionalities such as competency management, strategic planning, process management, and satisfaction surveys development.

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Benefits and features

  • Competency Management Automation
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessments of employees
  • Control of the Individual Development Plan – PDI
  • Organization and control of training and qualifications
  • Various analyzes and ranking, talent bank and nine box matrix
  • Automation of corporate strategic and operational planning and HR area
  • Control of employee performance indicators

The Human Development Solution is aligned with the main methodologies

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Available and complementary components

Interact Suite SA is the perfect combination of modular applications, which together form Interact’s portfolio of integrated solutions to improve the corporate governance of your business.

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