ESG – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

With our solution, you will strengthen the principles of corporate governance, generating value for your business and enhancing your brand’s reputation.

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ESG strategic and operational planning

Complete solution for managing your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) program. Systematize strategic and operational planning in your company, with integrated visualization of corporate results through strategic maps, performance indicators and action plans.

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Benefits and features

  • Computerization of the entire ESG program
  • Digital transformation of strategic, operational and organizational planning
  • Dynamic reports for investors and stakeholders
  • Alignment of strategy to operation, system aligned with the BSC methodology – Balanced Scorecard and GPD concept – Management by Guidelines
  • Critical performance analysis tools
  • Adjustments to key international ESG guidelines and ratings
  • Mapping of processes and sub-processes associated with the company and/or business units
  • Automatic generation of reports by audits or control practices
  • Control of preventive and corrective Action Plans
  • Favors transparency in data management
  • Optimized corporate responsibility and compliance with current legislation
  • Alignment with the company’s strategic planning
  • Support for strengthening governance and the conscious use of natural resources
  • Clarity in social practices of inclusion, treatment of people and diversity

The ESG Solution is in accordance with the main guidelines:

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Interact Suite SA is the perfect combination of modular applications, which together form Interact’s portfolio of integrated solutions to improve the corporate governance of your business.

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