Service Management

The tool’s functionalities range from registering and assessing the qualification of the supplier proposal to maintaining signed contracts and conducting periodic performance evaluations to monitor the quality of service provision.

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Service Management

Effective management of services, suppliers, and contracts. With SA Service Manager, you manage and monitor all stages of contracted work – from candidate evaluation to the ranking of the best suppliers.

The functionalities of the tool range from registration and assessment of supplier qualification to the maintenance of signed contracts. Periodically evaluate performance and monitor the quality of service provision



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Benefits and features

  • Reduction of the operational costs
  • Structure of Services hired and to be hire
  • Services, contracts and suppliers monitoring
  • Structure of qualified suppliers with their respective documentos and deadlines
  • Complete Registration Bank of Bidders and Suppliers
  • Customized checklists to the evaluations
  • Performance reports
  • Definition of requirements and compliance with contract terms
  • Service and contract requirements
  • Monitoring of contract payments
  • Identification of expired contracts
  • Evaluation and qualification of suppliers

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