Digital transformation vs. Productivity: how technology improve flows and processes

Digital transformation vs. Productivity: how technology improve flows and processes

The pandemic scenario accelerated one of the most important methodologies for the development of companies in the market: the digitization of processes. Although many organizations prefer to follow traditional flow planning models, those that choose to insert digital into their routines are more competitive and prepared for the future.

This is because digital transformation optimizes time and improves the creativity of teams in day-to-day life. Consequently, this change of scenery triggers customer satisfaction, which becomes the main focus of the entire structuring of routines.

But how to be sure that implementing this radical change will bring results to the company? We explain it to you, but first, we need to review two important concepts.

What is digital transformation and scanning?

Our blog has a unique article on the subject, but briefly, we can define the digital transformation in a Salesforce phrase, in BPM-CBOK:

“It is the process of using digital technologies to create – or modify – existing business processes, culture and customer experiences to meet changes in business and market requirements” (pg. 216).

Digitization, on the other hand, consists of the real changes made through technology. And this does not only mean the use of more technological devices in organizations. But yes, to bring to the day to day advanced concepts like Big Data, Internet of Things, blockchain, among others (Rockcontent).

In other words, digital transformation and digitization go hand in hand towards business growth and can be understood as:

  • Scan = the process
  • Digital transformation = the effect

Increased productivity with digital transformation

If you feel the need to find ways out to improve your productivity, know that you are not alone in this walk. Today, both self-employed and small, medium and large companies are looking for solutions that optimize time management and ensure customer satisfaction.

That’s why digital transformation is gaining more and more adherents. In addition to understanding all the flows and production processes of the business, it is able to identify the difficulties and bottlenecks that need to be improved to increase the performance of each step.

And of course, the ability to absorb billions of data in a few seconds and analyze it with a minimal error rate makes all the difference in a company’s routine. Imagine having to dedicate part of the employee journey just to read the data obtained on the day?

Probably a lot of time would be “lost” in these analyses and people would be saturated and uncreative to continue other activities.

Digital transformation provides more autonomy to routines and freedom to those involved in the flows. In addition, of course, to ensure more efficiency in results.

For example, with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA), according to BPM-CBOK, repetitive and ordinary tasks can now be automated, so RPA is increasingly important for mid to large companies.

Another advantage is that workflow automation can reduce the costs associated with process activities and latency times between steps in a process, especially when compared to paper-based methods.

Intelligent flow integration

One of the great advantages of this new scenario is the possibility of integrating all company data. That is, since all the reports are generated in real time and the steps are scanned, supervisors no longer have to wait to know at what stage the flow is and its results.

With Suite SA, for example, flows can be automated, resulting in better business management, with mediation and full control in the execution of processes. SA Process Manager allows you to map, optimize, and automate the execution and results of your organization’s processes. With direct link with strategic planning.

Interact Flow, a product that will be launched in the coming days by Interact, follows the same logic of SA Process Manager, but with the advantage of being free and available to the most varied models of company and professionals.

Stay tuned to our social networks and the site to learn more about this launch that promises to transform your routine intelligently and seamlessly.

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