Friendship Bridge will integrate Interact and Datapar from Paraguay

Friendship Bridge will integrate Interact and Datapar from Paraguay

The main link between Brazil and Paraguay, the Friendship Bridge also connects innovations between the two countries. Datapar, from Ciudad del Este, is the new international partner of Interact Solutions. The negotiations began last year, with the aim of establishing the distribution of the Suite SA-Strategic Adviser in the neighboring country.


Between 9 and 10 April, they visited interact solutions headquarters and interact bridges facilities, at the Vale do Taquari Scientific and Technological Park (Tecnovates), the University of Vale do Taquari (Univates), the CEO, Mauro Caon, the Commercial Manager, Helio Lopes, and the Human Resources Coordinator of Datapar, Fabricio Caon. They were welcomed by Interact’s directors, supervisors and international business employees.

According to the CEO of Datapar, expectations with the partnership are positive. “We will evolve our portfolio to be able to better serve our client”, analyzes. He explains that the Paraguayan company’s systems are operationally-focused, while Interact’s solutions focus on the high management and quality of organizations.

In total, there were five meetings between Interact and Datapar to align the partnership. In October 2017, the companies participated in Expo Paraguay Brasil, in Asunción, Paraguay. Both presented their products and services in a customized booth, with the aim of expanding business and strengthening contacts at the event.

The consolidation of the partnership also represents the conquest of the eleventh Latin American country on Interact’s operating radar. In addition to Brazil and Paraguay, the information technology company has already established businesses in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Uruguay.

Brazilian and Paraguayan economy

For the Ceo, Paraguay’s economic developments contribute to the partnership. The data confirms your opinion. According to the analysis of the consultancy MF Economia, the projection for this year is a growth rate of 3.4% in gross domestic product (GDP). In 2013, this number reached 14%, while Brazil grew only 2.3%.

Currently, the engine of the Paraguayan economy is the agricultural sector. This is also datapar’s main branch, with a market share of about 60% of the Paraguayan market. For Mauro Caon, market opening, low taxation with the Maquila Law and Itaipu’s cheap energy contribute to the industrialization trend.

Caon also analyzes that, with this transformation of economic profile, Interact’s management intelligence solutions will be more receptive in the medium and long term. “Local businesses also have a profile of family businesses. A good part is in the hands of founders, managers of high age”, he comments.

According to data from the Paraguayan Ministry of Industry, seven out of ten industries that have settled in the country in the last five years are Brazilian. Of the rest, 17% are from Paraguay, 8% from Argentina and 2% from other countries. Exports from maquiladoras companies jumped between 2013 and 2017 from $134.5 million to $369.5 million.

Mauro Caon and Fábio Frey at interact bridges facilities in Tecnovates

Similarities across the border

Founded in 1996 by Gerson Alves and Mauro Caon, both from Rio Grande do Sul, Datapar develops Dolphin, a business management system focused on various areas of the economy. Currently, it has about 300 customers, 70% agribusiness sector. The company has 75 employees, who work in all stages of maintenance, development and implementation of the systems.

Interact has been working since 1999 in research and software development for the administration and governance of organizations. The main product of the company is the Suite SA-Strategic Adviser, a set of 20 modules of innovation of internal processes, with solutions for Quality Management, People Management, Process Management, Health Management, Strategic Management and 3P’s Methodology.

Currently, 364 organizations in Latin America use their products, in 720 installed bases. About 7% of customers are abroad. Interact has 80 direct employees, 85 employees in 13 Units in Brazil, 56 business partners, nine international distributors and an international unit in Colombia.

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