Gart Capote is the brand ambassador for Interact

Institutional 18/12/2023
Gart Capote is the brand ambassador for Interact

On the last Tuesday, 12/12, took place the lecture “Customer Journey within Automated Processes: Where to Start,” presented by Gart Capote.

The event was held in a hybrid format with both in-person attendance and live streaming, attracting over 350 participants. It culminated with the signing of a partnership between Gart Capote and Interact Solutions.


Gart is a pioneer in BPM (Business Process Management) in Brazil, recognized as the leading author of books and materials in the Portuguese language on Process Management, and is now officially the Interact Ambassador worldwide! This partnership signifies a new step in Interact’s journey, aiming to continuously expand knowledge and provide the market with more information and technology.

Contrary to common belief, the collaboration’s groundwork didn’t start just now. Some projects are already underway, and soon, the  market will receive updates. In addition to the lecture and the established partnership, Gart spent three days with a packed agenda at the company. His schedule included meetings with teams from National and International Business Units, activities with factory teams, and engagements with departments directly involved with customers.


To make the most of the occasion, various content pieces were prepared at the Interact Studio. These materials will be utilized by the Communication and Marketing team to disseminate knowledge through social media to all those interested in the subject.


The Customer Journey embedded in automated processes

During the lecture, Gart discussed the 8 stages of the Customer Journey outlined in his book: understanding the customer, understanding the tasks, describing the objectives, developing solutions, building the journey, detailing hypotheses, describing changes, and finally, constructing the Canvas.

The journey was created to bridging the gap between products and services created by companies and the real needs of customers. After all, if these two aspects are distant, there will be no connection between them.

Watch the complete lecture by accessing the YouTube channel or clicking here.

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