Interact and Univates inaugurate Interact Bridges at Tecnovates

Interact and Univates inaugurate Interact Bridges at Tecnovates

Interact Solutions and the University of Vale do Taquari (Univates), Lajeado (RS), inaugurated yesterday (4) Interact Bridges, the new Research, Innovation and Internationalization Unit in the Scientific and Technological Park of the Taquari Valley (Tecnovates). The initiative begins to connect the company with the academy in the creation of solutions for public and business management.

Tecnovates also launched the Multiprofessional Interaction Laboratory on the opportunity. He will work in partnership with Interact Bridges, focusing on the health, education and public management sectors. The initiative has students, teachers, professionals, volunteers and exchange students in the areas of Administration, Foreign Trade, Accounting, Law, Engineering, Psychology, Human Resources and International Relations.

For Interact’s Director of Administration and Business, Fábio Frey, this is a milestone aligned with the purposes established in previous years. “We are all happy that we are consolidating this great step,” he said. As a symbol of the date, he recalled that large technology companies like Microsoft and Apple were also created in April.

“Our new organization, Interact Bridges, in partnership with Tecnovates, will integrate three lines of activity: research, innovation and internationalization,” he explained. According to Fábio, a collaborative ambience will be created that will both meet the focuses delimited with Univates and seek Interact’s expansion in the market, particularly in Latin America. “We will build bridges with companies, relate to the other residents of Tecnovates and contribute to the University,” he summarized.

In the opinion of Univates rector Ney Lazzari, Interact Bridges becomes an important space for experimentation. “Only then can we have an environment of innovation effectively. We are creating an array of thinking, productive and new business,” he said. He also recalled that, in its history, Tecnovates has created more than 700 direct and indirect jobs.

The rector’s opinion was shared by the Director of Innovation and Sustainability of Univates, Simone Stülp. “We are in a university and, more than that, we are in a strategic arm of Univates. In this space, we consolidated a new possibility of interaction with companies and society,” he said. For her, this innovation environment brings knowledge closer to social demands.

The mayor of Lajeado, Marcelo Caumo, stressed the importance of Interact Bridges for the development route of the municipality and the region. “This is a significant step that fills us with pride. We are available to open all the data of the city in favor of improvements and solutions for the community”, he said.

At the launch ceremony, the directors of Interact Solutions and Units were present; members of the rectory of Univates and Tecnovates; and approximately 50 employees from Interact’s lajeado company. Local authorities also attended the event, such as the mayor of Lajeado, Ederson Fernando Spohr, the Secretary of Education, Vera Lucia Plein, and the Secretaries of Culture, Sport and Leisure, Carlos Rodrigo Reckziegel, economic development, Tourism and Agriculture, Douglas Sandri.

As well as regional partners, the inauguration was attended by certel, Attitude, Bruno Born Hospital, PGE and PGQP. The solemnity had press coverage. After the announcement and signing of the contract, guests visited Interact Bridges, located on the fifth floor of building 20, in Tecnovates. In the end, a cocktail was served.

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