Interact Announces its First Adviser Partner

Interact Announces its First Adviser Partner

The consulting firm Merhcado Career Management, from Porto Alegre, is the first Adviser Partner (AP) of the Interact Group. The company will work in partnership with the Interact Rio Grande do Sul Unit in projects throughout Brazil. In addition to the advice, AP will also market Interact’s technology solutions.

According to The Unit’s Administrative and Project Director, Roberto Meister, the main areas of expertise of the consultancy will be strategic planning, skills management, Balanced Scorecard and project management. Merhcado has experience working with industries, government, education, health and entertainment.

The signing of the contract was attended by Ana Claudia Schmitt and Sirley Gonçalves Silva, Merhcado, The Director of Administration and Business of Interact, Fábio Frey, and the Administrative and Project Director of the Interact Rio Grande do Sul Unit, Roberto Meister.

Adviser Partner

Interact’s distribution network is divided into four categories. The new modality is called Adviser Partner, which enables strategic approximation with companies that offer specialized consulting and advice in the various management areas for clients. The goal is to promote the commercialization of Suite SA systems together.

The other three modalities are interact units, which are exclusive distributors; Commercial Partners, marketing and deployment channels; and Business Partners, business partners responsible for indicating potential customers.

With the word, the directors da Merhcado



“For approximately 15 years using the Modules of SA, the Partnership Adviser Partner has come to formalize the work that I have been doing, whether in the companies where I worked as a Manager, or where I worked as a Consultant.

A consulting in organizational management can not do without a system that operationalizes and standardizes the methodologies that are implemented by it. The conviction that methodologies without a system fail due to the absence and impossibility of followup and that, in the opposite sense, systems can fail if there is no methodological support, is that it gives sustainability and robustness to merhcado’s Adviser Partner partnership with Interact.

Understanding that we will contribute not only to the full use of Interact platforms by common customers, but especially in their loyalty, since the evaluation of the correct implementation of method X system will have continuous feedback, we hope to expand the customer base significantly.”


Ana Claudia Schmitt
Director of Business Development at Merhcado



“This partnership is of great value and synergy for Merhcado Career Management, because we understand that being An Adviser Partner of Interact means adding competence in the various phases of the consulting processes, implementation of methods and innovation of the company with its customers in Brazil and worldwide, through innovative actions, which go far beyond technological knowledge. This alliance aims to collaborate effectively for the development of new products and new business opportunities.”


Sirley Carvalho
Executive Director of Merhcado

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