Interact Bridges adopts Project Management methodology

Interact Bridges adopts Project Management methodology

May 25 marked the first 30 days of activities of Interact Bridges, Interact’s new Research, Innovation and Internationalization Unit. An awareness meeting with employees was held for a balance of the period, in the Scientific and Technological Park of the Taquari Valley – Tecnovates, at Univates, in Lajeado (RS).


For the Director of Administration and Business, Fábio Frey, the initial evaluation is positive. “What Interact Bridges has provided us in 30 days of operation is quite significant,” he says. This perception is shared by the Director of Clients and Services, João Alex Fritsch. In his view, the new projects challenge the company to transform tools into solutions.

Innovation is one of Interact Bridges’ main axes. For this, the Project Management methodology was adopted in the Unit and an idea bank was created in the SA-Project Manager. The initiative allows any employee to register suggestions for creating, improving or improving the company’s management solutions.

According to Project Supervisor Vilson Gärtner, weekly follow-up meetings will be held by Bridges leaders. They will serve both to analyze the projects in activity, registered in this module, and to evaluate the proposals prepared by the collaborators. The aim is to follow all phases of an idea, from sketch to execution.

Interact Bridges’ projects will also include the participation of Fabrício Pretto, Master in Computer Science from PUC-RS, professor of courses in the area of computing, and Marcos Turatti, Master in Environment and Development by Univates, professor of disciplines on entrepreneurship, business plan and organizational theories.

Structure and opportunities

At the meeting, the Project Trainee Coordinator, Fabiana Brugmann, presented the current composition of the unit structure. It unfolds at Interact Latam, focused on internationalization, coordinated by Director Fábio and Supervisor Fernando Estrada, and Interact Consulting, focused on research and innovation, under the leadership of Director João Alex, Coordinator Fabiana and Supervisor Vilson.

Interact’s Research, Innovation and Internationalization Unit has an opportunity for Project Analyst. Interested parties can register your CV on the Interact website in the Careers section. Today, three internship vacancies are available for students in the areas of Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Production Engineering or Information Systems. Soon, four new vacancies for exchange students for Latam will be opened.

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