Interact Partners with Gart Capote

Institutional Institutional 18/12/2023
Interact Partners with Gart Capote

In the second week of December, Interact Solutions warmly welcomes Gart Capote to its headquarters to formalize a strategic partnership. Gart is a trailblazer in BPM (Business Process Management) in Brazil, acknowledged as the foremost author of books and materials in the Portuguese language on Process Management.


As of this date, Gart becomes the official ambassador for the Interact. The partnership aims to promote and disseminate BPM discipline, as well as improve processes within companies, resulting in increased satisfaction and enhancement of the Customer Journey.


To celebrate the occasion, the company will host an Open House on December 12th, featuring the lecture “Customer Focus, Where to Begin?” When Capote will discuss the Customer Journey integrated with business processes to develop solutions following a practical method known as Customer Centric Business Experience Design. The agenda is inspired by one of his books titled “The Customer Journey,” directing the organization and processes toward the customer’s experience with brands.


The event, free and open to the public, will take place at 3:30 PM at the Interact Solutions headquarters located at 47 Carlos Fett Filho Street, in the center of Lajeado. The moment will also be broadcast live throughout Brazil. Registrations for both the in-person event and the broadcast can be made through the link until December 11th.


About Gart Capote

Brazilian, with permanent residence in Portugal, Gart is the author of six technical books, an international reference in Process Management, and the creator, founder, and president of ABPMP Brazil (Association of Business Process Management Professionals International). He is also the creator, founder, and current leader of the council of the Business Experience Design International Alliance.


Gart is responsible for developing the “Truth Modeling” technique using BPMNP, the creator of the canvas for “Customer Journey and Process Integration,” and the ideator of “BXD Smart Grid,” a cross-cutting approach that places human experience at the center of organizational strategies. He provides mentorship for BPM and CX implementation, business consulting, and offers both in-person and online courses on the subject.




“BPM for Everyone”: A comprehensive, objective, and enlightening approach to Business Process Management (BPM).

“Guide for Process Analyst Formation”: A national reference for those interested in understanding BPM and how to work with Process Analysis for organizational diagnosis.

“Process Value Measurement for BPM”: A fundamental work for professionals working in process management, analysis, diagnosis, and improvement.

“Escape the Flowchart”: The book defines and teaches the revolutionary “Truth Modeling” technique using BPMN 2.0.

“Two Points”: A collection of highly impactful technical articles in the international professional community, with practical reflections on Process Management.

“The Customer Journey”: An essential guide to understanding customers, developing solutions, designing experiences, and rethinking processes to thrive. His books can be purchased through his website

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