Interact excels in internationalization ranking

Interact excels in internationalization ranking

The research is prepared by the Dom Cabral Foundation, elected by the British newspaper Financial Times as the best business school in Latin America

Interact is one of the highlights of the latest Research Internationalization Trajectories of Brazilian Companies, prepared by the Dom Cabral Foundation (FDC). This is the first time that the software research and development company of Lajeado (RS) figures in the ranking.

The survey reflects the international movement of Brazilian companies of various sizes, sectors and levels of internationalization. Interact ranked 48th out of 69 selected. In Rio Grande do Sul, only six companies appear in the survey. The ranking has names such as Embraer, Gerdau and Marcopolo.

The research is prepared by the FDC’s International Strategy and Business Center, with contribution from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and support from the Uk Ministry of International Trade. The evaluating team is formed by researchers with PhD from universities in Brazil, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

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A Latin American company

Interact’s internationalization process began in 2011, with the creation of the International Business area. Under the supervision of the Master in Strategy Direction by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Fernando Estrada, the company’s software in the same year reached the neighbors Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Since then, Interact has established business in 11 Latin American countries. In 2015, an International Unit was established in Bogotá, Colombia. Interact currently has 11 units in Brazil, 35 distribution partners and 10 international distributors.

Earlier this year, the International Business area was renamed Interact Latam. She is part of Interact Bridges, the company’s Research, Innovation and Internationalization Unit, in the Taquari Valley Scientific and Technological Park, at the University of The Taquari Valley, in Lajeado.

Interact Latam is part of Interact Bridges, the company’s Innovation, Research and Internationalization Unit located in Tecnovates

About the research and the Dom Cabral Foundation

With 42 years of history, Fundação Dom Cabral is a Brazilian business school of international standards, located in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais. In 2018, it was voted for the 13th consecutive time as the best business school in Latin America, according to the executive education ranking of the British newspaper Financial Times.

This was the 13th edition of the research Internationalization Trajectories of Brazilian Companies. The main criteria of the study are the degree of internationalization, geographical dispersion and growth abroad. The sampling includes only companies with majority control of Brazilians.

The survey also takes into account international strategies, the results achieved and the expansion trends. Of 69 companies evaluated, 55 operate abroad through their own subsidiaries, nine through franchises and five with both models. Most of the participants are located in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil.

The degree of internationalization is measured by a combination of the transnationality index developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ( UNCTAD), and the degree of internationalization of Brazilian franchises, created by the International Strategy and Business Center of the FDC.

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Event to disseminate the results of the research, at fdc, last week

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