Interact Latam initiates a new project at Stella Maris Clinic in Peru

Interact Latam initiates a new project at Stella Maris Clinic in Peru

On February 26th, part of the Interact Latam team, along with their local partner, Estratex, began a new project in Lima, Peru, at Stella Maris Clinic.

The clinic is a private healthcare institution promoted by the Missionary Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with over 70 years of experience and quality in health recovery and care.

The kick-off meeting marked the start of the project, which will encompass a comprehensive mapping of the clinic’s processes. Iván Lasso, the project’s lead consultant from Interact Latam, highlighted that the project will be developed in five fundamental phases: process identification, process documentation, risk assessment, analysis and improvement, as well as monitoring and maintenance.

In the following days, project consultants dedicated themselves to conducting the BPMM, Process Maturity Model Diagnosis, and will apply Interact’s renowned BPM Week program.

“The BPM Week is a fundamental step at the beginning of projects. Its objective is to share and standardize knowledge about BPM methodology within the organization, addressing theoretical topics such as Process Management, value chain, process map, architecture, and BPMN notation. These activities will provide Stella Maris with a solid foundation to continue working on Process Management,” highlights Fernando Estrada, director of Interact Latam, who is also directly involved in the project.


The progress of this project can be followed through Interact Solutions and Interact Latam’s social media channels.

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